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Prof. Patrick Njobeh

Professor (Food Safety) and Head (Mycotoxins Unit)
Name: Patrick Njobeh
Location: John Orr Building, Room 2208 Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6803


About Prof Patrick Njobeh


DTech – Biomedical Technology (UJ, South Africa)

MTech – Monogastric Nutrition (UKZN, South Africa)

BTech – Animal Science (ATBU, Bauchi, Nigeria)



Food Quality and Safety

Research Methods and Related Techniques

Research interest/keywords

Food quality and safety, Food Security, feed safety, toxigenic fungi, mycotoxins synthesis and analysis, food and feed intoxication, mycotoxicosis, pesticide residues, herbal plants, nano-formulations, nano-sponges, food and feed additives, nutrition, animal nutrition, exposure assessment, and risk assessment, biomarkers, and human health.

Recent Publications

Edited Book

Mycotoxins: Impact and Management Strategies; Njobeh, P.B., Stepman, F., Eds.; InTech: Rijeka, Croatia. 2019.

Book Chapters (limited to 5)

  1. Hlangwani E, Njobeh PB, ………. and Oluwafemi Ayodeji Adebo. 2023. Chapter 2: African cereal-based fermented products. In: Adebo OA et al (eds) Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics. 1st Edition. Pp 15-35.
  2. Gbashi S……..and Njobeh PB. 2023. Chapter 14: African fermented vegetable and fruit-based products. In: Oluwafemi Adebo et al (eds) Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics. 1st Edition. Pp 227-241.
  3. Gbashi S, Tebele SM, and Njobeh PB. 2023. Chapter 21: Metagenomics for the identification and characterization of microorganisms in fermented foods. In: Oluwafemi Adebo, Chiemela Chinma, Adewale Obadina, Antonio Soares, Sandeep Panda, Ren-You Gan (eds) Indigenous Fermented Foods for the Tropics. 1st Edition. Pp 347-357.
  4. Thipe VC, Thatyana M, Ajayic FR, Njobeh PB, and Katti KV. 2020. Chapter 12 – Hybrid nanomaterials for detection, detoxification, and management mycotoxins. In: Editor(s): Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam. Multifunctional Hybrid Nanomaterials for Sustainable Agri-Food and Ecosystems. Micro and Nano Technologies, Pages 271-285.
  5. Gbashi S, Madala NE, De Saeger S, De Boevre M, Adekoya I, Adebo OA, and Njobeh PB. 2019. The socio-economic impact of mycotoxin contamination in Africa. In Mycotoxins: Impact and Management Strategies; Njobeh, P.B., Stepman, F., Eds.; InTech: Rijeka, Croatia. Pp 3-22.

Journal Articles (limited to 5)

  1. Gbashi S, Maselesele TL, Njobeh PB, Molelekoa TB, Oyeyinka SA, Makhuvele R, and Adebo OA. 2023. Application of a generative adversarial network for multi-featured fermentation data synthesis and artificial neural network (ANN) modeling of bitter gourd–grape beverage production. Scientific Reports 13, 11755.
  2. Oyeyinka SA,……… Adebo OA, and Njobeh PB. 2023. Metabolite signatures and distribution patterns of processed pasta from fractionated whole wheat and Bambara groundnut using gas chromatography high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Food Chemistry Advances 3, 100357
  3. Adelusi OA,………..Njobeh PB. 2023. Seasonal and Geographical Impact on the Mycotoxigenicity of Aspergillus and Fusarium Species Isolated from Smallholder Dairy Cattle Feeds and Feedstuffs in Free State and Limpopo Provinces of South Africa. Toxins 15 (2), 128
  4. Aasa AO, ……….. Njobeh PB. 2023. A review of toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in feeds and food commodities in West Africa. World Mycotoxin Journal 16 (1), 33-47
  5. Areo OA……… Njobeh PB. 2023. Detection of multi-mycotoxins in rooibos and other consumed teas in South Africa by a modified QuEChERS method and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Food Control. 143: 109255

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