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Muhammed Suleman

Name: Muhammed Suleman
Location: C Ring 632 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3466


About Dr Muhammed Suleman


Dr Muhammed Suleman, PhD, is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). He recently completed his doctoral research that focuses on the views of Muslim religious leaders regarding domestic violence experienced by Muslim married women. His research and teaching interests are in religion, crime, clinical sociology, sport, social justice, family sociology, gender studies, population dynamics, and conflict studies. He has worked as a sessional lecturer at Monash SA. Suleman is active in community organisations, particularly with the Azaadville Health and Wellness Association and the South African National Zakaah Fund. His recent publications include a 2016 co-authored article (with S Rasool) entitled ‘Muslim Women overcoming Marital Violence: Breaking through “Structural and Cultural Prisons’” and a 2018 chapter (with T Chagonda) entitled ‘Crime and Deviance’ (in Sociology: A Concise South African Introduction edited by Paul Stewart and Johan Zaaiman, published by Juta). He recently co-authored a chapter titled ‘Women, Children & Families in Southern Africa: Sub-Narratives and Interventions’with Prof Kammila Naidoo and Dr Nalego Indongo (in Clinical Sociology for Southern Africa edited by Prof Tina Uys and Prof Jan Marie Fritz published by Juta). Suleman has presented at conferences nationally and internationally. His email address is


BA (Psychology)

BA Honours (Industrial Sociology)

MA in Sociology

D Litt et Phil in Sociology

Research Interest

  • Religion
  • Crime and violence
  • Deviance
  • Clinical Sociology
  • Sport

Selected Publications:

Suleman, M. 2023. ‘On the Outside Looking In: Difficulties in Obtaining the Opinions of Muslim Religious Leaders’: Views on Domestic Violence Experienced by Married Muslim Women. The Qualitative Report, 28(1): 1-13

Chagonda, T & Suleman, M. 2018. ‘Chapter 15: Crime and Deviance’ in ‘Sociology: A Concise South African Introduction. (Stewart & Zaaiman, eds.). Cape Town: Juta

Rasool, S and Suleman, M. 2016. ‘Muslim Women Overcoming Martial Violence: Breaking Through ‘Structural and Cultural Prisons ‘Created by Religious Leaders’ Agenda 109 (30.3): 39-49.

Naidoo, K, Indongo, N., & Suleman, M. Chapter 7: Women, Children & Families in Southern Africa: Sub-Narratives and Interventions. In Clinical Sociology For Southern Africa, (Uys and Fritz, eds.). Claremont: Juta and Company.