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Name: Yumna Motala
Location: FL 136, First Floor, FADA Building Bunting Road Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 1092
Fax: Lecturer


About Ms. Yumna Motala

Yumna Motala has worked in the department of Multimedia Design since February 2020. She is a digital designer with a background in agency-related work and, more recently, the academic space. Her fields of interest include Design Thinking, Speculative Design, 4IR, Storytelling, and Interactive Media, with a focus on the intersection of visual communication and interactive participation.

Yumna uses a range of techniques in her work, including illustration, stop-frame and digital animation, photography, and film. Her current research involves experimenting with the medium of interactive animated film as a means of creating social change in South Africa.


BA Digital Media Design, BA(Hons) Design

Ongoing: MA(Design)