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Name: Nompumelelo Petunia Mzobe
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Tel: 011 559 6865


About Ms Nompumelelo Petunia Mzobe

BA Geography (UJ) , PG Dip Development Planning (Wits)
Nompumelelo Petunia Mzobe is a technician at the deportment of Urban and Regional Planning. Leading in management and maintenance of urban planning technical spaces (Design Studio and Computer Lab), Safety officer and a coordinator for departmental timetables. Responsibilities are to provide technical support to the design studio and GIS computer Lab, maps and plans to aid teaching and learning, conduct droughting of identified sites for teaching and learning , provide guide to students, conduct general administration and liaise with stakeholders ,provide strategic infrastructure planning services to the department of urban and regional planning, assist and facilitate technical modules, and responsible for departmental timetables, venues and space management. Currently enrolled for master’s degree in Development Planning at the University of Witwatersrand and registered as a candidate planner with SACPLAN. Upholds a Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning, University of Witwatersrand. Postgraduate certificate in GIS (Geo-Informatics), University of Johannesburg, Advance Certificate in Project Management from the University of South Africa and obtained a degree in BA Geography from the University of Johannesburg. Ms. Mzobe’s main career interests: Application of Geographic information systems in the planning field, Project management, civil works, and Infrastructural development.
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