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About Mr Deon Kruger

Qualifications: B.Ing Civil (UP), BIng (Hons) Construction Management (UP), MIng Civil (RAU)

Professional Membership: Professional Engineer (ECSA)

Additional Departmental Role (s): Mentor

Area of Specialisation: Polymer Concrete

Research Interests:

  • Polymer Concrete and Concrete repair
  • Engineering Properties of Epoxy Resins used as Concete Adhesives


Deon Kruger joined RAU in 1983 when the Faculty of Engineering was established. He planned to three to four years in the academic environment in order to gain experience for registering as a professional engineer and also to complete a master’s degree in civil engineering. After completing these two goals, the dean of the faculty requested him to continue for another year or two to assist with the marketing of the fledgling faculty which was struggling to maintain sustainability and to find its rightful place in the engineering education space. With much effort and dedication by Kruger and his marketing colleagues, the student numbers grew steadily until sustainability no longer was a concern. By now, Kruger become so entrenched in the university with being appointed housemaster of two residences, technical advisor to the university management and mentor of the civil student’s society, that it became almost impossible for him to move back to industry.

As a professional engineer, Deon Kruger is a member of various professional bodies including the International Congress on Polymers in Concrete, The American Concrete Institute, The Concrete Society of South Africa and the Institute of Concrete Technology. In addition he has been a member of the PMSA and the Project Management Institute (USA) as well. His was elected as Fellow of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers, he was awarded the Concrete Achiever of the Year award by the Concrete Society of South Africa and he was elected as Vice-President of the influential International Congress on Polymers in Concrete (ICPIC) during the 14th ICPIC Congress in Shanghai. In October 2015 he was awarded the Engineer of the Year Award by the South African Institute of Civil Engineering and the SAICE Presidential Award in 2017.