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Mphiriseni Khwanda

Name: Mphiriseni Khwanda
Location: C1-Lab 239 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Physics Academic Staff  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 4415


About Mr. Mphiriseni Khwanda


Currently Busy: PHD in Physics Education at WIts

Qualification: Master of Science in Maths, Science and Technology Education (2008) specialising with Physics Education – University of South Africa

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics (2002) – University of Venda for Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science (2000)

Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (1989) – Venda College of Education

Major subjects – (Physical Science, Mathematics and School Guidance)


1. SAIP Conference  8-12 October 2019

2. ICPE Conference    1 -5 October 2018

3. ISTE Conferences   2010 to 2013

4. Quality Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference at University of Johannesburg  14 May 2010

5. SA PHD Project Conference 2010

6. SAARMSTE Conference    19-23th January 2009 at Grahamstown Rhodes University

7. South African Institute of Physics Conference 2-6th July 2007 at Wits University

8. SAARMSTE Conference    9-12th January 2007 at Maputo (Mozambique)

9. South African Institute of Physics Conference July 2005 at University Pretoria


1. An evaltuation of the impact of scientific explanation model on pre-service teachers’ understanding of basic concepts in electricity, (SAIP-UNIVEN 2019)

2. An evaluation of student’s understanding of DC circuit concepts through students’ written explanations, (ICPE-Wits 2018)

3. Preservice teacher’s understanding of the concept of acceleration, (ICPE-Wits 2018)

4. Design-based research: development and evaluation of teaching and learning sequences for DC circuits, (ISTE, 2013)

5. The impact of Design-based research on students’ conceptual understanding of DC circuits, (ISTE,2012)

6. An investigation of pre-service teachers’ conceptual understanding of basic DC circuits, (ISTE,2011)

7. The impact of interactive-engagement models in the teaching and learning of physics, (SAARMSTE, 2009)

8. Assessing students’ misconception to first year physics education students, (SAIP,2007)