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Administrative Assistant II
Name: Nelca Mogano
Location: B-Ring 318B, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011-559-1259


About Nelca Mogano

Nelca Mogano is an Administrative Assistant in the Department of Strategic Communication.

I am a hard-working individual currently registered for the Business management Course, with a passion for learning and a strong work ethic.

What I have worked on, and my professional experiences are:

  • Plan, co-ordinate and manage the academic administration life cycles of students in the:
  1. B Ed Senior Phase and FET Teaching programme (Languages)
  2. A select group of short learning programmes,
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Research Supervision, Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education and Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education
  4. B Ed Honours in Language, Literature and Literacies
  • Assist with and monitor enrolment inlcuding applications and registrations of students in the Faculty of Education.
  • Assist with examination processes and graduations.
  • Review progress reports (globals) to allocate result codes for student semester or year progression.
  • Identify academic exclusion (F7 and F5 cases) and report on these.
  • Monitor and report on student time to completion rates and graduate output targets.
  • Review and monitor the accuracy of the academic structure (module codes, module names, depart codes, module fees, NQF levels, module credits, qualification approvals).
  • Ensure fee coding forms are accurate for correct allocation of faculty and department subsidy distribution.
  • Manage enquiries related to applications, registrations, and qualification results.
  • Manage and monitor telephone calls from academics, students, and other external stakeholders.
  • Manage enquiries related to the student life cycle.
  • Manage office reception enquiries.
  • Contribute to the high-quality compliance of Faculty Administration and These include the academic structure, yearbook compliance, error reports, graduation and other administrative record keeping.


What I am currently working on now.

  • Processing of Advanced Diploma applications.
  • Acceptance on Image now and communication with applicants. Student queries.
  • Letters of acceptance. Leave letters for Students.
  • Briefing lecturers.
  • Liaison with faculty office regarding student matters.
  • Liaison with lecturers regarding student matters.
  • Ensuring access of module study guides and fact sheets.
  • Moodle module interaction.
  • Overall quality assurance and monitoring of the Advanced Diploma program.
  • Liaison with external moderators.
  • Constitute Departmental Advanced Diploma selection committee.
  • Source and communicate opportunities for students.
  • Administrative duties for the Advanced Diploma and Department of Strategic Communication