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Machaba Letswalo 2019

Deputy Head: Teaching and Learning
Name: Machaba Letswalo
Location: John Orr Building 7162 Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 6012


About Dr. Machaba Letswalo

Ph.D. (Physics) – University of Johannesburg
MSc in Nanoscience (Nano-Physics) – UJ, UWC, and UFS.
PhD, University of Johannesburg – Current
                          (Research study on the effect of anionic group and synthesis and luminescence properties of Zn-SO5-RE3+ doped with different lanthanides                                for biological images, solar cells and light emitting diode application.
                        : MSc in Nanoscience (Major inPhysics), University of Johannesburg –  2017
                          thesis: Effect of partially substitution of anionic on luminescence properties of CaMoO4:Eu3+ for application of solid-state lighting.
                        BSc (Honours) Physics, University of Limpopo – 2015
      • BSc (Chemistry and Physics) – University of Limpopo.
      • Solid State Physics
      • Condensed Matter Physics

Experimentalist: Solid State, Condensed Matter

My research project is focused on developing novel nanomaterials (phosphors) and enhancing their properties to suit applications in luminescence such as solid-state lighting, display, LED light, and solar cells. To accomplish this goal, I rely on various synthesis methods and research techniques that allow me to improve the electron trapping defects in the material. Various host materials and characterization techniques are employed to establish and investigate a change in crystal structural, optical, and luminescence properties at several operating conditions due to the surface. Google Scholar

ExpertiseHandling of different measuring tools;
                : Handling and operation of different measuring instruments;
                : In-depth knowledge of Chemistry & Physics-safety regulations;
                : Characteristics of the most important basic circuit arrangement;
                : Knowledge of different materials science in Computational simulation;
                : Excellent knowledge of theory and concept of Physics and Chemistry;
                : Sample preparation using Solid-State reaction and Combustion method;
                : Setup, realisation and analysis of experiments in all fields of Chemistry & Physics;
                : Photoluminescence (PL), UV-VIS, SEM, TEM, XRD, TOF-SIM, Auger Electron spectroscopy, and XPS;
                : Handling of chemicals, mixing and separating methods, knowledge of the toxic substance’s regulations;
                Experienced lab technician with expertise in Titration, Steam Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, and Chromatography Methods;
Awards: Best presenter MSc student in Condensed Matter (SAIP 2017)