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Associate Professor
Name: Leelakrishna Reddy
Location: John Orr Building 7168 Doornfontein Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 6015


About Prof. Leelakrishna Reddy

Prof Reddy’s group is actively involved in advancing materials science and technology across various applications. Projects include improving LED technology through the fabrication and exploration of novel materials, investigating the luminescence properties of phosphor materials, researching energy storage device materials for various applications, and studying materials for phototherapy applications. He is also supervising projects focusing on luminescence, energy storage, and other applications, as well as working with doctoral students who are studying the properties of materials used in luminescence and glass materials. Overall, his research spans a wide range of materials and applications, focussing on a multidisciplinary approach to advancing materials science and applications. Further, he has published widely in the Scholarship of Learning and in Nanophysics. Presently he is a C-Nrf rated scientist.


Research profile:


Research conducted by members in the Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology group.

  1. Mr. TG Mathe’s main focus is on advancing LED technology by fabricating Y2O3 materials doped with Eu3+ and Er3+ and exploring up-conversion and down-conversion processes. He also works on advancing these emissions through anionic substitutions.
  2. Mr. ET Maleho is focusing on the luminescence properties of Zn4B6O13 phosphor materials by doping them with rare-earth ions (Ce3+, Eu2+, and Tb3+), and enhancing these properties through the incorporation of multivalent ions with oxidation states ranging from +1 to +4.
  3. Mr AP Sefage: He is focusing on ZnNa2SO4 phosphor material doped with Ce3+, Pr3+ and Bi3+ for phototherapy applications.
  4. Mr S Bixa: He is focusing on energy storage device materials for supercapacitor applications. For this, he is working on zinc manganese oxides materials doped with Cu, Co and Ni ions.
  5. Mr S Bethuel: He is focusing on BaB8O13, doped with Ce3+, Pb2+ and Pr3+ for phototherapy applications.
  6. Dr MLA Letswalo: He is co-supervising MSc projects, with focus on luminescence and energy storage materials.
  7. Dr SK Kummara: He is working on magnetic, luminescence, multiferroic and energy storage applications. He is also working on metal oxides, sulfides and composite materials.
  8. Dr A Balakrishna: He is co-supervising doctoral students with interest in luminescence properties of phosphor and glass materials.