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Senior Lecturer
Name: Kefilwe Ditlhake
Location: ACB Building Soweto Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 5225


About Dr. Kefilwe Ditlhake

Dr Ditlhake Kefilwe Johanna is a social worker and a senior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from the University of Witwatersrand and RAU University, respectively, and a PhD Wits University’s, Faculty of Commerce, Law, and Management. Dr Ditlhake’s academic and professional experience include BA Social Work, University of Witwatersrand, MA Social Work (Community Development), RAU University. Registered as a social worker with the South African Council of Social Service Profession (SACSSP). Worked at various NGOs such as, the National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation/ Reintegration of offenders (NICRO), the Teddy Bear Clinic for abused children and Community Aids Response (CARE) as Programme Manager. Employed as a social worker, Johannesburg General Hospital in medical wards such as ICU, Neo-Natal wards, and various clinics in Neurology, cystic fibrosis, virology, learning and assessment clinic, child abuse and forensic assessment etc. Lecturer at WITS university undergraduate and postgraduate programme as well as at the Northwest university social work department.

Currently working as, a Programme & Course Coordinator and lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Department of Social Work and Community Development, teaching in Community Development and Leadership undergraduate programme, honours, and master’s level. Other undergraduate courses taught include social development, social policy, rural development, gender and development, agents of change and development, HIV/AIDS, introduction to social work, community work, field instruction etc. coordinated the postgraduate, undergraduate theory, internship programme and honours in social policy and community development. Dr Ditlhake’s lecturing experience at the above tertiary institutions included lecturing as well as supervision of undergraduate and post graduate research. Dr Ditlhake serves in various committees at the university of Johannesburg, professionalisation of community development, and published in several book chapters and journal articles.