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About Dr. Julie Grant

Senior Research Associate: Department of Communication and Media Studies

I have been working in South Africa since 2006, when I first undertook field research with the indigenous ‡Khomani Bushmen for the purposes of my PhD. In 2009 I started to work with the !Xun and Khwe Bushmen also based in South Africa, however, my main focus remained with the ‡Khomani. I continued this research as a post-doctoral fellow with the Centre for Communication, Society and Media Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, branching out to include more participatory research methods. From 2014, I worked within the ‡Khomani community to implement a development project, during which time I worked with the ‡Khomani’s lawyers and the South African Human Rights Commission to facilitate communication between the ‡Khomani and government personnel charged with development implementation. In 2017, I returned to research and in 2018 I started occasional editing work for Critical Arts academic journal, both of which I continue with today. 

Research Interests include:

poverty alleviation; land reform; perceptions of poverty and development; the role of indigenous knowledge in development; the indigenous mind-set and the representation of indigenous peoples in media

Recent Publications Include:

Grant, J and Tomaselli, K.G (eds). (forthcoming 2022) Rethinking Khoe and San Indigeneity, Language and Culture in Southern Africa. Oxon: Routledge.

Grant, J. (2021). The Origins Centre: Enlivening the Bushmen, Critical Arts Special Issue entitled: Rethinking the Curatorial, 35 (4): 5-21.

Siegrühn, A., and Grant. J (2021). Locating Spaces for San Mother-Tongue Education in the South African Education Framework. Critical Arts 35 (3): 84-101.

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