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Associate Professor
Name: Duarte B. Morais
Location: D Lab Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 4555


About Duarte B. Morais

North Carolina State University

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

4008E Biltmore Hall Raleigh, NC 27695


2010 – … Associate Professor, Equitable and Sustainable Tourism

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

North Carolina State University

2012 – … Tourism Extension Specialist

North Carolina Cooperative Extension

2015 – … Visiting Associate Professor, Geography, Environmental Management, and Energy Studies, University of Johannesburg

2000 – 2010 Assistant/Associate Professor, Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

Affiliate Associate Professor, Hospitality Management

Co-director of Tourism Research Lab

The Pennsylvania State University


2000 Ph.D. – Tourism Management

Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA

1997 M.Ed. – Sport Management

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

1995 Licenciatura – Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports Management

Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


2016-17 Identifying entrepreneurial needs and challenges of women in agritourism

Barbieri, C., Jakes, S., & Morais, D.B. (co-PIs)

NC State’s Colleges of Natural Resources, and of Ag. & Life Sciences $128,059

2015 Bicycle Tourism Based Market Research for Central Park NC

Morais, D. B., Barbieri, C., & LaPan, C. (co-PIs)

Piedmont Triad Regional Council (Prime: NC DoT) $23,999

2012-13 Web-based landowner application for Sentinel Lands Market-based Conservation

Morais, D B. & Peterson, N. (Co-PIs)

Department of Defense, US Marine Core $125,421

2012-13 NC People-First Tourism

Morais, D. B., PI

North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center $75,000

2011-15 Afghan Agricultural University Faculty Strengthening (AAUFS)

Goldfarb, B., Robison, D., & Morais, D. B. Co-PIs

Purdue University – US Agency for International Development $466,454

2008-09 Comparison of wildlife value orientations, quality of life, and perceived self-determination between CBNRM & non-CBNRM communities in Namibia

Morais, D. B. PI, & Zinn, H.

World Wildlife Fund and Margery Grant Whiting Center $21,500

2008-09 Capacity building and guide training for cultural tourism in Lushoto, TZ

Morais, D. B., PI, Kerstetter, D., Buzinde, C., & Semali, L.

Tourism Cares for Tomorrow $10,000

2006-07 Promoting community sustainability and citizen resource stewardship through Hudson River Valley nature based tourism image branding

Shuster, R., Kuehn, D., Morais, D. B., Co-PIs

New York Sea Grant Institute $139,415


2016 Peroff, Deidre PHD in Sustainable Tourism, North Carolina State University

2015 KC, Birendra PHD in Sustainable Tourism, North Carolina State University

2014 Mao, Yuchen PHD in Sustainable Tourism, North Carolina State University

2014 LaPan, Chantell PHD in Sustainable Tourism, North Carolina State University

2012 Rodrigues, Aurea Doutoramento em Turismo, Universidade de Aveiro

2010 Wang, Yasong PHD in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University

2010 Ogden, Anthony PHD in International Education, The Pennsylvania State University

2009 Zillifro, Stacy PHD in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University

2007 Bandyopadhyay, Ranjan PHD in Tourism Mgt., The Pennsylvania State University

2004 Lin, Chung-Hsien PHD in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University

2004 Lin, Jiin-Ling MS in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University

2003 Lin, Yin-Shin MS in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University

2003 Foster, Josiah MS in Tourism Management, The Pennsylvania State University


Total During last 5 years
Citations 2713 1764
h-index [h number of papers cited at least h times] 20 16
I10-index [number of papers cited at least 10 times] 35 26

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