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Postdoctoral fellow
Name: Sibusiso Nqayi
Location: C1 Lab, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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About Dr. Sibusiso Nqayi

As an experimental nanoscientist, my primary research focus lies in investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of rare-earth-based compounds. These compounds exhibit unique characteristics owing to the presence of rare earth elements, making them intriguing candidates for various technological applications such as spintronics, magnetic data storage, and quantum computing. In addition to experimental methods, I integrate computational techniques, particularly Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Density Functional Theory (DFT), to complement and enhance my experimental findings. These computational approaches allow for a deeper understanding of the underlying physics governing the electronic and magnetic properties of rare-earth-based compounds.

My overarching research goals include unravelling the intricate interplay between electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of rare-earth-based compounds at the nanoscale. The aim includes exploring novel phenomena such as spin polarization, spin-orbit coupling, and magnetic anisotropy while developing strategies to tailor and optimize the electronic and magnetic functionalities of rare earth compounds for potential applications in next-generation electronic and spintronic devices. In essence, my research endeavours aim to contribute to the fundamental understanding and practical utilization of rare-earth-based compounds in cutting-edge nanoelectronic and spintronic technologies.


Computational study of the effect of size and surface functionalization on Au nanoparticles on their stability to study biological descriptors (

Recent developments in computational and experimental studies of physicochemical properties of Au and Ag nanostructures on cellular uptake and nanostructure toxicity (


A detailed account of Dr Nqayi’s research output can be accessed using the Orcid account below.