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Dr Onoriode Potokri

Senior Lecturer
Name: Onoriode Potokri
Location: GNA 234 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DELM Staff, Department of Education Leadership and Management, Faculty of Education  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 559 5248


About Dr Onoriode Potokri

Areas of specialisation Women education and development; Gender in leadership and management; Economics of education Quantitative and qualitative research in education Publications Journal articles Ngwira, H. & Potokri, O.C. (2019) Induction of Women Beginner Teachers at Two South African Community Secondary Schools. Problems of Education in the 21st Century. Vol.77 (6), 774 – 784 [ISSN 1822-7864 /print/ ISSN 2538-7111 /Online]. Lithuania Potokri, O. C., & Perumal, J. (2019). Offerings of Women in the Transformation of African Higher Education: A Retrospective Overview. Education and Urban Society, 51(6), 804–821. Impact factor: 0.658 (2017). [ISSN: 0013-1245 (print); [ISSN: 0013-1245 (print); 1552-3535 (web). USA Potokri, O.C., Noah, AOK & Perumal, J. (2018). Perceptions of Immigrant Nigerian women in South African Higher Education about Social Change. Education Research for Social Change, vol. 7(2), pp. 57-73. [ISSN/E-ISSN: 2221-4070]. South Africa Ofem, I., Potokri. 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Eternal Investment: The Perspective of an Economist. Free Enterprise Publishers. Lagos, Nigeria. ISBN: 978-978-932-620-4. Nigeria Edited chapters in books Potokri O. C. (2016). Mixed method research approach in research curriculum: acumens for Africanisation. In Msila, V. and Gumbo, M.T. (ed.), African perspectives on the Africanisation of curriculum: Theory and practice, Sun Media Publishers: Johannesburg. South Africa Ovbiebo, O. M. & Potokri O. C. (2019). Adult Women Education – a Missing Link in the Niger Delta Nigeria Amnesty Project. In Achemfuor-Arko A. and Quan-Baffour, K. P. (ed), Adult Continuing and Lifelong Education and Development in Africa, Nova Science Publishers, INC. USA. Conference Proceedings Potokri, O. C & Ogunniyi, OJ (2014). Implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme in Lagos State, Nigeria: a contextual clarification on funding. Book of Abstract: International Journal of Educational Development in Africa. Pp. 68 – 69. 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