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Associate Professor & Deputy Head of Department (HRM)
Name: Nelesh Dhanpat
Location: DRing 402A Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 4479


About Prof. Nelesh Dhanpat

Professor Nelesh Dhanpat is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of the Human Resource Management Programme in the School of Management, located in the College of Business and Economics. Dr Nelesh teaches Human Resource Management in the 4th year, in the Advanced Diploma, and People Strategy in the Masters of Strategic Human Resource Management.  

Nelesh has supervised several honours, masters and a PhD studies to completion. His research has been presented at local and international conferences and published in local and international journals. Nelesh is an external examiner at various South African Universities for master’s and doctoral studies. He holds professional memberships at the South African Board of People Practitioners, the African Academy of Management and the European Academy of Management. He serves on the editorial board of the following journals: 

  • Section Editor: South African Journal of Employee Relations 
  • Review Editor (International):  Frontiers in Psychology
  • Editorial Board:  South African Journal of Business Management
  • Consulting Editor (International): Journal of Psychology in Africa 
  • Guest Associate Editor (International): Frontiers in Psychology Speciality: Organizational Psychology
  • Section Editor; South African Journal of Industrial Psychology
  • Associate Editor: South African Journal of Human Resource Management

Highest Qualification:  PhD Human Resource Management, University of Johannesburg

Research interests: Human Resource Management, Positive Organisational Behaviour, Work and Organisational Psychology

Research publications

  • Dhanpat, N., Buthelezi, Z. P., Joe, M. R., Maphela, T. V., & Shongwe, N. (2020). Industry 4.0: The role of human resource professionals. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 18, 11.
  • Patience, M. G., De Braine, R., & Dhanpat, N. (2020). Job demands, job resources, and work engagement among South African nurses. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 30(5), 408-416.
  • Dhanpat, N., Danguru, D. L., Fetile, O., Kekana, K., Mathetha, K. N., Nhlabathi, S. F., & Ruiters, E. (2021). Self-management strategies of graduate employees to enhance work engagement. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 47, 12.
  • Lees, D., & Dhanpat, N. (2021). Relationship between manager credibility, strategic alignment and employee motivation. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 19, 11.
  • Kobus-Oluwale, J., Schachtebeck, C., & Dhanpat, N. (2021). Investigating career progression experiences of women into top management at a South African bank. EUREKA: Social and Humanities, 3, 28–40.
  • Dhanpat, N., & Schachtebeck, C. (2021). Establishing a job-crafting and intrapreneurial link: Towards new approaches to innovative work. Acta Commercii, 21(1), 10.
  • Ngqeza, K., & Dhanpat, N. (2021). The effects of employee empowerment on turnover intention in a Mining organisation. SA Journal of Human Resource Management. 19(0), 1-12. 
  • Ngqeza, K., & Dhanpat, N. (2022).   Organisational citizenship behaviours: Their influences on mineworkers’ turnover intention¸ Journal of Psychology in Africa, 32(2), 1-5.
  • Phungula, N., De Brain, R., & Dhanpat, N. (2022). The effect of employee value proposition on normative commitment. EUREKA: Social and Humanities, 2, 46-57
  • Dhanpat, N., Makgamatha, K., Monageng, R., & Sigawuki, K. (2022). COVID-19: Employee Experience and Adjustment at a State Owned Company in South Africa. SAGE Open, 12(2), 21582440221102435.
  • Dhanpat, N. (2022). A systematic review of job crafting in the South African context. Journal of Contemporary Management, 19(1), 242-259.
  • Dhanpat, N., & Legoabe, L. (2022). Establishing idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) as a precursor to work role performance. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147-4478), 11(4), 106-117.
  • Ngobeni, P., & Dhanpat, N. (2022). Keeping nurses engaged during COVID-19: An i-deal perspective. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology. 48(0), 1-11. 
  • Dhanpat, N., & De Braine, R.T. (2022). The influence of retention factors on nurses’ intention to leave. 15th International Business Conference, Somerset West, Cape Town.
  • Phungula, N., & Dhanpat, N., & De Braine, R.T. (2022). Investigating the relationship between employee value proposition (EVP) and work identity. 15th International Business Conference, Somerset West, Cape Town.