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Dr Matt G. Lotter

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Name: Matt G. Lotter
Location: House 7, Humanities Research Village Bunting Road Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 1938


About Dr Matt G. Lotter

My research is primarily focused on landscape-based geoarchaeological studies, as well as understanding the cultural materials that are preserved within these types of environments. As a geoarchaeologist, my interest lies in understanding how landscapes have formed and evolved through time, and how they have been shaped and modified by both cultural and natural processes. This multidisciplinary research involves aspects of archaeology, geology, geography, geomorphology and other earth sciences, and when applied it provides vital contextual information that improves our ability to correctly interpret archaeological sites and residues. I have conducted research of this nature both locally, at several Earlier Stone Age sites across southern Africa, and internationally, at sites in China. I am currently involved in research projects at sites in Gauteng and in the Northern and Eastern Cape Provinces, and I am investigating artefact use-wear patterns, aspects of site formation, and lithic technology. Two of these projects are specifically concerned with understanding technological advancements during the final phases of the Acheulean, a prolific form of Earlier Stone Age technology that spans multiple continents.


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Lotter, M.G.& Kuman, K. 2018.The Acheulean in South Africa, with announcement of a new site (Penhill Farm) in the lower Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Quaternary International 480: 43-65 ( 1040-6182.

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