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Donaldson Malambe

MSc student
Name: Donaldson Malambe
Location: C1 Lab 433 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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About Donalson Majahonke Malambe

Project title:
Timing and evolution of the Lefika la Noka tufa site, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

Dr T.V. Makhubela

Research interests:
The application of cosmogenic radionuclides (26Al/10Be) in geology & geomorphology.

  • Geochronology: The use of cosmogenic nuclide (26Al & 10Be) burial dating of quartz-bearing sediments to constrain the burial ages of geologic materials
  • Landscape evolution: Integrating data on cosmogenic nuclides and petrographic analysis to refine our understanding of landscape evolution
  • Paleoclimate reconstruction: Integrating data on cosmogenic nuclide concentrations with other paleoclimate proxies to refine our understanding of Earth’s climate history
  • Geochemistry and mineralogy