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Ms Clementine Nishimwe

Name: Clementine Nishimwe
Location: A-Ring 608, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 2730


About Dr Clementine Nishimwe

Brief Professional Biography

Dr Clementine Nishimwe is a Lecturer in the Department of Religion Studies, at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). She specializes in Christian studies and much of her research focuses on gender, migration, and Anglican as well as Pentecostal churches. Her research draws on African women’s theologies. She is also interested in peace, conflict and Christianity as well as empirical research, with a focus on ethnographic theologies. She is a member of the executive team of the Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa (ASRSA), and she serves on the editorial board as a treasurer of the Journal for the Study of Religion (JSR). She is also a member of the Society for Practical Theology in South Africa (SPTSA). Furthermore, she is a COFP (Cardinal Onaiyekan Foundation for Peace) ambassador for peace as well as a member of the Africa Network of Peacebuilders (CANEP).


  • Diploma (Inter-religious Dialogue, Conflict Transformation and Mediation), Nile University of Nigeria &Veritas University (2022)
  • DLitt et Phil (Biblical and Christian Studies), University of Johannesburg (2020)
  • Master of Arts (Biblical and Christian Studies), University of Johannesburg (2016)
  • BA Honours (Peace Studies), St Augustine College of South Africa, (2016)
  • BT Honours (Practical Theology), University of South Africa (2016)
  • BTH (Bachelor of Theology), St Augustine College of South Africa (2012)

Selected Publications

Clementine Nishimwe. 2022. Institutional Prosperity: No Money, No Church, No Fellowship in South Africa? Migrant Women’s Relationships in a Context of Lack at Saint Aidan’s Anglican Church. African Studies, 81(1), 1-22, DOI: 10.1080/00020184.2022.2027227

Elina Hankela; Ignatius Swart and Clementine Nishimwe. 2022. African Pentecostal Churches and Racialized Xenophobia: International Migrants as Agents of Transformational Development? Transformation, 39(3), 133–149, DOI: 10.1177/02653788221095595

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