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Name: Catherine Botha
Location: B Ring 706, Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3403


About Prof Catherine Botha

Supervision topics: Aesthetics; philosophy of art; nineteenth and twentieth century continental philosophy, esp, the work of Heidegger and Nietzsche; feminism; philosophy of mind; philosophy of technology, esp the ethics and aesthetics of AI; animal ethics; bioethics.

Full professor in Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, Catherine joined UJ Philosophy in 2009. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Her research is focused mainly on issues in ethics and aesthetics, with a special focus on the philosophy of dance. Her interest is generated as a result of her strong background in the phenomenological tradition and its precursors in the continental tradition (most especially the work of Nietzsche and Heidegger). She also writes and teaches on themes in aesthetics and ethics in the philosophy of technology, with a strong focus on the ethics and aesthetics of artificial intelligence.

Catherine is currently the co-secretary of the South African Centre for Phenomenology, and also a registered ballet teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance. She offers free tuition in classical ballet to UJ students at the UJ Art Academy.
Her interest and expertise in teaching in higher education is also significant. She was the winner of the UJ Vice Chancellor’s Award for Best Young Teacher in 2014, and winner of the UJ Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Award for Best Teacher in 2020.

Some selected publications

Botha, C.F. (2024) “Beyond Authenticity: A Somaesthetic Proposal” Marino, Stefano and Valentina Antoniol (eds.) Foucault’s Aesthetics of Existence and Shusterman’s Somaesthetics: Ethics, Politics, and the Art of Living. London: Bloomsbury (Forthcoming).

Botha, C.F. (2023) “Nietzsche, Morality, History” Verbum et Ecclesia Special Issue ‘Morality in history’ (forthcoming)

Botha, C.F. (2023). ‘Site-specific Dance and Speaking/Walk(ing) through Rancière’ in Valery Vinogradovs (ed.) Aesthetic Literacy: a book for everyone. Melbourne: Mont Publishing (forthcoming).

Botha, C.F. (2023) “Heidegger’s Augenblick and the Ephemerality of the Dance” in Martin Leach and Marie Hay (eds.) Heidegger and Performance London: Rowman & Littlefield International. (forthcoming).

Botha, C.F. (2022). “Creativity and AI: A Response to Boden” Social Robots in Social Institutions (eds. R Hakli, P Mäkelä and J Seibt) Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (FAIA) IOS Press: 204-220.

Botha, C.F. (2022). “Motivation and online learning in the time of Covid-19”. SARE, 27(1): 111–121.

Botha, C.F. (2021) and Humanoid Robots: A Sarkaesthetic Analysis” Filosofia Theoretica Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions 10 (3):119-130.

Botha, C.F. (2021) “Ars Erotica and Sôphrosunê: Examining Shusterman’s Nietzsche” Foucault Studies 31: 13-23

Botha, C.F. (ed.) (2021). African Somaesthetics: Cultures, Feminism, Politics. Brill Studies in Somaesthetics (Volume 3). Amsterdam: Brill

Botha, CF. (2020). “The Dancing Body and the Transmission of Collective Memory in South Africa” in Prickett, S. and Thomas, H. (eds.). Routledge Companion to Dance Studies, London: Routledge, 22-32.