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Name: Anton Symkovych
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About Dr Anton Symkovych


Dr Symkovych held visiting and teaching positions at the UC Berkeley (2014-15), University of Toronto (2014), University of Edinburgh (2014), and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (2011-14). He is currently a EURIAS fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University.


PhD in Criminology, University of Cambridge (UK)

MPhil in Criminological Research, University of Cambridge (UK)

Master’s in Social Work (MSW) (with distinction), California State University-Fresno (USA)

Certificate in Applied Psychology, Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine)

BA in Sociology (with distinction), Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine)

Academic citizenship

  • South African Sociological Association (SASA), 2016 – present
  • International Sociological Association, (ISA), 2016 – present
  • Research Committee on Sociology of Law (International Sociological Association), 2014 – present
  • Law and Society Association, 2015 – present​

Research interests

  • Power, coping, and identity in custodial settings, spanning from Californian juvenile correctional institutions and British medium-security prisons to Ukrainian and South African correctional centres.

Teaching experience

  • Sociology of Punishment, Ethnographic Research Methods, Criminology, Master’s thesis preparatory courses and Independent Research Practicum

Recent publications

Symkovych, A. 2019. The legal and illegal use of force by prison officers in Ukraine. The Prison Journal, 99 (1): 89-111.

Symkovych, A. 2018. Compromised power and negotiated order in a Ukrainian prison. British Journal of Criminology, 58 (1): 200-217.

Symkovych, A. 2018. The Ukrainian response to Sykes: Prisoner hierarchy and self-rule – power, legitimacy, and dynamics. British Journal of Criminology, 58 (5): 1087-1106.

Symkovych, A. 2018. The ‘inmate code’ in flux: A normative system and extralegal governance in a Ukrainian prison. Current Sociology, 66 (7): 1087-1105.

Symkovych, A. 2018. Negative visibility and ‘the defences of the weak’: The interplay of a managerial culture and prisoner resistance. Theoretical Criminology (Online First).

Symkovych, A. 2018. Do men in prison have nothing to lose but their manhood? Masculinities of prisoners and officers in a Ukrainian correctional colony. Men and Masculinities, 21 (5): 665-686.

Symkovych, A. 2017. Sex in prisoner power relations: Attitudes and practices in a Ukrainian correctional colony for men. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice, 56 (1): 1-18.