Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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Bruker Ascend 500 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

NMR spectroscopy is routinely used by chemists to study chemical structure using simple one-dimensional techniques, while two-dimensional techniques are used to determine the structure of more complicated molecules. SPECTRAU offers comprehensive solutions for a broad range of research and analytical requirements utilising our Bruker Ascend 500 NMR system.

Bruker Ascend 500

Equipped with:

  • 500Hz magnet
  • 5 Gauss – radial distance from magnetic center
  • Cryogen savings (% of less He consumption)
  • Operation field at 11.7 Tesla
  • Advanced External Disturbance Suppression (EDS™) for dramatic reduction of magnetic field perturbations
  • Signal Generation Unit for 4 channels, for generation of phase, amplitude, and frequency using Direct Digital Synthesis
  • Gradient Controller for simultaneous control of up to three magnetic field gradients with real time generation of gradient shapes
  • Pre-cooling and stabilization accessor

Applications at SPECTRUM:

  • The elucidation of complex structures performed through the standard direct observation (1D and 2D) technique while indirect detection (HMBC and HSQC) is also available