Electron Microscopy

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The JEM-2100 is a multipurpose, 200 kV analytical electron microscope. Variety of versions is provided to adapt user’s purposes with STEM Capability

Jeol Jem 2100

Applications at SPECTRUM:

  • Chemicals, Metals and Mining, Polymers and Fibers, Semiconductors and Electronics, Particle, Grain, Powder, Pore

​Equipped with:

  • Oxford SDD Detector for TEM: X-MaxN 80T EDS

Mineral Liberation Analyser

Mineral Liberation Analyser

Equipped with:

  • A FEI XL40 ESEM equipped with two EDAX Sapphire Si(Li) EDS detectors as well as up to date MLA software.

Applications at SPECTRUM:

  • Automated quantitative analysis of mineral and material samples