​Undergraduate​ studies

The undergaduate degree programme in Geology is presented in the form of independent semester modules with "equal value", which enables students to complete the modules in whatever order they choose, taking into account certain recommendations. This enables students from other fields of study to take specific modules in the UJ Department of Geology as supporting or enrichment courses.

Modules are grouped into core modules, which we consider essential for students who would like to become professional geologists and require an Honours Degree in Geology, and supporting or service modules, designed specifically for geology students.  

The modules are as follows:

1st year:
GLG1A10: Minerals, rocks and earth dynamics
GLG1A20: Introduction to geological field methods
GLG1B10: Optical and analytical mineralogy

2nd year:
GLG2A01: Igneous rocks
GLG2A02: Metamorphic rocks
GLG2A20: Geological field mapping methods
GLG2B10: Structural geology and plate tectonics
APG2A01: Applied geological maps and geospatial techniques
APG2B01: Applied engineering and environmental geology

3rd year:
GLG3A10: Sedimentology and stratigraphy
GLG3A20: Geological field mapping
GLG3B10: Historical geology
APG3A10: Mineral resource management and mineral exploitation
APG3B10: Economic geology

The Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Geology and Applied Geology is a double geology major qualification that trains and equips graduates in both the applied aspects of geology as well as the classic theoretical modules taught in most BSc Geology programmes.

More information can be found in the Faculty Yearbook​​