Research Highlights – Magnetism II

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1. Sequential localizatin of a complex electron fluid

V Martelli, A Cai, EM Nica, M Taupin, A Prokofiev, C-C Liu, H-H Lai, R Yu, K Ingersent, R Küchler, AM Strydom, D Geiger, J Haenel, J Larrea, Q Si, and S Paschen

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, 2019

2. Physical properties of the magnetically frustrated very-heavy-fermion compound YbCu4Ni

JG Sereni, I Curlik, M Giovannini, AM Strydom, and M Reiffers

Physical Review B 98 (2018) 094420

3. Unconventional superconductivity in the cage-type compound Sc5Rh6Sn18

A Bhattacharyya, DT Adroja, N Kase, AD Hillier, AM Strydom, and J Akimitsu

Physical Review B 98 (2018) 024511

4. Magnetotransport properties of CeRu2Al10: Similarities to URu2Si2

JH Zhang, SL Hu, HC Zhao, P Wang, AM Strydom, JL Luo, F Steglich, and PJ

Physical Review B 94 (2016) 235120

5. Momentum-space structure of quasielastic spin fluctuations in Ce3Pd20Si6

PY Portnichenko, AS Cameron, MA Surmach, PP Deen, S Paschen, A Prokofiev, JM Mignot, AM Strydom, MTF Telling, A Podlesnyak, and DS Inosov

Physical Review B 91 (2015) 094412

6. Contiguous 3d and 4f Magnetism: Strongly Correlated 3d Electrons in YbFe2Al10

P Khuntia, P Peratheepan, AM Strydom, Y Utsumi, KT Ko, KD Tsuei, LH Tjeng, F Steglich, and M Baenitz

Physical Review Letters 113 (2014) 216403

7. Large Seebeck effect by charge-mobility engineering

PJ Sun, BP Wei, JH Zhang, JM Tomczak, AM Strydom, M Sondergaard, BB Iversen, and F Steglich

Nature Communications 6 (2015) 8457

8. Destruction of the Kondo effect in the cubic heavy-fermion compund Ce3Pd20Si6

J Custer, KA Lorenzer, M Muller, A Prokofiev, A Sidorenko, H Winkler, AM Strydom, Y Shimura, T Sakakibara, R Yu, Q Si and S Paschen

Nature Materials 11 (2012) 189

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