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D.T. Dekadjevi, A. Prinsloo, E. Carleschi, S.P. Pogossian, J. Phi. Jay, D. Spenato, J. Ben Youssef and A. Strydom
Driving the magnetization reversal below the blocking temperature in exchange biased NiFe/NiO
Journal of Applied Physics 114, 093904 (2013)

M. Malvestuto, V. Capogrosso, E. Carleschi, L. Galli, E. Gorelov, E. Pavarini, R. Fittipaldi, F. Forte, M. Cuoco, A. Vecchione and F. Parmigiani
Nature of the apical and planar oxygen bonds in the Srn+1RunO3n+1 family (n=1,2,3)
Physical Review B 88, 195143 (2013)

V.B. Zabolotnyy, D.V. Evtushinsky, A.A. Kordyuk, T.K. Kim, E. Carleschi, B.P. Doyle, R. Fittipaldi, M. Cuoco, A. Vecchione and S.V. Borisenko
Renormalized band structure of Sr2RuO4: a quasiparticle tight-binding approach
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 191, 48 (2013)

G. Diguet, G.R. Hearne, W.N. Sibanda, E. Carleschi, P.Musyimi, V. Pischedda, J.P. Attfield
Wigner-Mott insulator-to-insulator transition at pressure in charge-ordered Fe2OBO3
Physical Review B 89, 035132 (2014)

Snyman J.L., Strydom A.M.
Studying ferromagnetism in PrNiGe2 through the magnetocaloric effect
Journal of Applied Physics, 113 (2013) 17E135

Snyman J.L., Carleschi E., Doyle B.P. and Strydom AM
Positive and negative magnetocaloric effect in CeSi
Journal of Applied Physics, 113 (2013) 17A903

Strydom A.M., Snyman J.L. and Britz, D.
Non-Fermi-liquid instabilities in non-centrosymmetric heavy-fermion CePtSi: a low-temperature study
physica status solidi b, 250 (2013) 626