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Women In Science Group Photos

In 2019, the Executive Dean challenged all women scientists in the Faculty of Science to participate in a campaign to celebrate women scientists. The campaign was about reflecting on how far women scientists have come, in recognition of the achievements of pioneers like Ms. Katherine Johnson, who will be receiving an honorary doctorate from the UJ during the Faculty’s April 29th Graduation. The Department participated in the competition by entering the two photos below.

Photo Gallery 2019

Photo Gallery 2019

​Gallery Maths Camp

On last week of the recess (18-19 July), we organized our “Mathematics workshop for future mathematicians – Math. Camp 2019”. The aim of such workshops is to motivate students towards mathematics and encourage them to choose mathematics as their career. We invited top students from second and third-year levels to attend this workshop, where eight different mathematicians from the department gave talks on different topics of mathematics. The topics chosen covered a broad spectrum of mathematics and gave students an idea of the different branches of mathematics and mathematical problems. Students enjoyed the workshop and requested to have similar workshops in the near future.

Maths Camp 2019 – Gallery