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The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Johannesburg is a large and diverse department striving for excellence in research, teaching and community engagement.

With over thirty permanent academic staff members, our Department boasts expertise in a wide variety of fields, including Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Logic, Applied Differential Equations, Biological Modelling, Category Theory, Dynamical Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Functional Analysis, Graph Theory, Mathematical Physics, Number Theory and Topology. Through ongoing research collaborations, we maintain links with various other institutions, both locally and abroad. Our continuous drive to engage in high-quality research provides a strong foundation for our post-graduate programmes. We offer BSc Honours, MSc and PhD degrees in both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Our teaching responsibilities are spread over three campuses in Johannesburg: the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus, the Doornfontein Campus and the Soweto Campus. We teach a broad range of modules catering to Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors and the full range of BSc qualifications, as well as numerous service modules aimed at students in the Faculties of Engineering and the Built Environment, Education, Management and the College of Business and Economics.

Our Department actively engages the communities around UJ with initiatives that include, in particular, visits to high schools during which we hope to pique high school learners’ interests in Mathematics and encourage aspiring mathematicians to pursue further studies in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

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