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Research Centres 

Our national chairs and research centres include:

  1. Centre for Nanomaterials Science | Department of Chemical Sciences
  2. DST/MINTEK Nanomaterials Innovation Centre | Department of Chemical Sciences
  3. SARCHi chair – Nanotechnology for Water | Department of Chemical Sciences
  4. SARCHi chair – Indigenous Plant Use | Department of Botany & Plant Biotechnology
  5. SARCHi chair – Geo-Metallurgy | Department of Geology 
  6. African Centre for DNA Barcoding (ACDB) | Department of Botany & Plant Biotechnology
  7. Synthesis and Catalysis Research Centre | Department of Chemical Sciences
  8. DST-NRF Centre of Excellence for Integrated Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (CIMERA) | Department of Geology
  9. Paleoproterozoic Mineralization (PPM) | Department of Geology
  10. Centre for Ecological Genomics and Wildlife Conservation | Department of Zoology
  11. Centre of Excellence in Food Security (CoE-FS): The Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology at the University of Johannesburg's (UJ), is part of the CoE-FS awarded to the University of Pretoria (UP) and the University of the Western Cape as co-hosts 
  12. Centre of Excellence for Strong Materials (CoE-SM): The centre's director is situated at Wits School of Chemistry with a chapter in the Department of Chemical Sciences at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) 
  13. Centre for Astro-Particle Physics (CAPP) | Department of Physics
  14. Research Centre for Plant Metabolomics | Department of Botany & Plant Biotechnology

Teaching and Learning Centre

Community Engagement Centre

Updated: 31 April  2021