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Department of Chemical Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Sciences at UJ. This Department is an inclusive, productive, supportive and above all innovative community of researchers.

Commonly referred to as the central science, Chemistry serves as a bridge that links Physical Sciences, Life Sciences as well as Applied Sciences by seeking to understand, explain and predict the behavior of matter, which encompasses everything around us. Our common goal within this department is to expand on existing knowledge and create new chemical knowledge. We also bring our input into mentoring our brilliant undergraduate and postgraduate students into responsible and enhancing members of society. Thus, we endeavor to present relevant chemistry courses to both chemistry degree and diploma students as well as students in other scientific disciplines such as physics, geology, biochemistry, botany, optometry and engineering. We also offer training in industry-specific courses.

We engage in world-class research utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Some of these research areas include water research, nanoscience, analytical and environmental chemistry, catalysis, physical and computational chemistry, organic synthesis, crystallography and electrochemistry. ​

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