The Department of Applied Communicative Skills (located in the School of Languages in the Faculty of Humanities) offers excellent programmes in Business Communication and English skills, which are central to campus life and support UJ’s initiatives that boast world-class internationally recognised academic programmes. These programmes are based on curricula informed by cutting-edge developments in undergraduate and certain degree offerings. Most important is the fact that our programmes are designed to prepare students for the world of work and for global citizenship.

ACS has a solid reputation of excellence, reflected in our several stellar innovative programmes, weaved into entrepreneurship, business management, hospitality, engineering and finance. We strive to provide every undergraduate student with skills/knowledge in Business Communication appropriate to his/her programme of study and individual interest. ACS celebrates diversity in all aspects of university life, through creating safe environments and culturally competent citizens. Ultimately, ACS is the conduit from the Whiteboard to the Boardroom.

As emerging researchers, our lecturers engage in cutting-edge research, develop strategic partnerships that enable translational research opportunities, and provide excellent interdisciplinary education in life and the workplace. ACS implements organisational and administrative strategies to create meaningful collaborative partnerships with other academic communities. This unified strategic approach is in tandem with the Faculty of Humanities’ research mission and has ensured that we have a distinct footprint within the School of Languages.

We constantly seek to enhance collaborative and cross-disciplinary partnerships and educational programmes offered by the Engineering, Financial, Management and Science communities within UJ.