We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Symposium on 27 October 2023! See the detailed programme below

Venue: JM Coetzee Boardroom, APB Library, University of Johannesburg

Date: 27 October 2023

Time: 09h00am-12h30pm



Early Morning Session. Chair: Matt Caruana

09h00-09h20Motsodisa, B.The use of bovid astragali and preliminary taphonomic analysis of Femur Dump (Bolt’s Farm Cave System) in understanding past environments.
09h20-09h40Caruana/Baker, S.Mystery Mustelid: A not-so-funny humerus from the Drimolen Main Quarry and a possible new species.
09h40-10h00Mohetloa, M.An evidence-informed proposal for the conservation and maintenance of the 2.6-Million-year-old Drimolen Makondo, South Africa.
10h00-10h20Kgotleng, D.W.Preliminary analysis of fossil cercopithecid monkeys from Kromdraai B.
10h20-10h40Tsotetsi, M.A qualitative and morphometric comparative analysis of changes in the Cercopithecoid proximal humerus in Sterkfontein from Member 2 to Member 4 during the Plio-Pleistocene.


10h40-10h50                                                TEA BREAK


Late morning Session. Chair: Justin Bradfield

10h50-11h10Caruana, M.What can the backed knives from Wonderboom tell us about Acheulean behaviour, cognition and sociality.
11h10-11h30Lombard, M.The foodplant fitness landscape of Wonderboom and possible implications for Middle Pleistocene foragers of the Magaliesberg, South Africa.
11h30-11h50Lotter, M.Raw material procurement at Wonderboom, South Africa: exploring sourcing strategies and landscape-use patterns during the Pleistocene.
11H50-12h10Bradfield, J.The oldest medicine container in southern Africa?
12h10-12h30Senyane, L.Use-wear analysis on bone spatulas from the Holocene: an update on progress.