PHD (Psychology) Research-Based

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The PhD is a thesis-based (no course-work) degree and students are encouraged to read this letter for more information on the program. The proposal will be evaluated by the Psychology Department Research and Ethics Committee. Prospective students are also welcome to discuss their proposed research with a member of the staff who specializes in the proposed field of study. Please make contact with the PhD Coordinator BEFORE registering as you need help to first find a research supervisor in the Department.​
Access requirements
Students who have successfully completed a Master’s degree in Psychology at an appropriate level may apply.
Duration of study
Doctoral degree studies require a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years registration for full-time studies or a maximum of five years for part-time studies.

A student’s studies can be cancelled by the Dean on recommendation of the Head of the Department if there is not sufficient progress. Such a student will be informed in writing and will be given an opportunity to indicate that he or she is able to make the necessary progress.

Potential PhD supervisors
 Click here for a list of potential PhD supervisors
The doctoral thesis will be examined by at least three examiners, who are external to the university.
Additional Assessment
Any examiner may ask that a candidate complete additional assessments in accordance with university regulations in this regard.
The final date of submission at the Dean’s office is 31 May for the spring graduation ceremony.
The promoter determines the final date of submission at the Department. This should usually be about six weeks before submission to the Dean’s office.
At submission a candidate should also sign a declaration that the work is his or her own original work.
Submission at the Dean’s office will only be accepted after written permission has been given by the promoter
Click here for the research checklist
Process of study accompaniment
Candidates should consult with their promoters on a regular basis. A candidate should report at least once every three months.
Technical attention
Candidates are responsible for the technical aspects of their study.
For further details contact: Dr Lunga Shabalala