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Psychology Postgraduate information

On postgraduate level a number of degrees are offered. On Honours level (the degree directly following an undergraduate degree) one degree with an academic focus (BA (Hons) Psychology) is offered.

Two postgraduate degrees with a research-focus are offered, namely the MA (Research Psychology) and the PhD (Psychology). Both these degrees require the submission of a research proposal and the writing of an academic document (dissertation or thesis).

For students wishing to apply for entry into the course which leads to registration as a clinical or counselling psychologist, UJ offers the MA (Counselling Psychology) and MA (Clinical Psychology) degrees.​

​Postgraduate Courses​

MA (Clinical Psychology)
MA (Counselling Psychology)
​MA (Research-based)​
PhD (Research-based)​​

**Please note**
​Before registration for a PhD in Psychology you must first have an agreement between you and a supervisor in the Department of Psychology who has agreed to supervise you. If not, you cannot register until you have a supervisor. Information about this process, as well as entrance requirements, and other information, are on the Psychology Departmental website. Please visit this website before applying.

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