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Psychology honours applications for the upcoming academic year will open on July 1st and close on September 30th.


About the Program:

The BA/BSc Honours in Psychology program at the University of Johannesburg provides advanced academic and research training in Psychology. The program equips students with knowledge and skills that will allow them to proceed with a career in psychology, either continued study (such as Master’s professional training or academic programs) and transfer their skills to a variety of work contexts.

The Department of Psychology offers an Honours program, which we believe combines the best practices internationally and nationally in postgraduate education within the discipline of Psychology.

Duration of Study

The program is presented as a one-year full-time course at the Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park. Classes will only take place during the daytime, and class attendance is compulsory.  English will be the only medium of instruction.

Program Content

The Honours program currently consists of several modules, of which the student must complete five modules during the year.  Please note that the research module is compulsory and includes a research project that students have to complete over the course of the year. Relevant information regarding this module will be communicated to students at the commencement of the first semester. Modules currently offered include Psychological Assessment, Neuropsychology, Health Psychology, Therapeutic Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Research (compulsory).

Programme entry requirements

In order to apply, students should:

  • Have an undergraduate degree in Psychology as a major or core component (applicants should have obtained their first degree within the last 10 years of applying),
  • Have obtained a minimum average mark of 70% on all Psychology modules,
  • Must have more than a combined five undergraduate psychology modules for the second and third years.
  • They took a research module in their undergraduate studies (Psychology majors will typically have this as a core module).

The course is competitive, and we can only accept a limited number of students who apply per year, so we select the top averages. We only use academic achievement as the only criterion for selection to the Honours programme at the University of Johannesburg. This means your application may still be declined despite meeting minimum requirements due to space restraints and the competitive nature of the course.


  • Apply online to study this course at UJ (Follow the “Study at UJ Apply” links on the main webpage).
  • There is NO departmental form.
  • You can ONLY apply for BA Hons or Bsc Hons – NOT BOTH. (Applicants with an undergraduate BA degree need to apply for BA Hons, while students with a Bsc degree need to apply for Bsc Hons).
  • Please do not attach password-protected documents (such documents will be deemed missing).
  • It is important to ADHERE to deadlines given for submissions, i.e., submission of final academic transcript. The department will not be held responsible for accounting for transcripts that are not available at the time of request. Any submissions made post-deadline will be deemed missing and the application incomplete.

Disclaimer: Should you not follow the UJ application process correctly, we will not be held responsible for incomplete or unprocessed applications.


If you would like to redo some Honours modules, you have the option of taking them for non-degree purposes. Please note the following for NDP applications:

  • You need to have already passed your BA/Bsc Honours in Psychology in order to apply.
  • Your previous degree should not be older than 10 years.
  • We do not offer the Research module for non-degree purposes.

To apply, send your full academic transcript and letter of motivation detailing the module(s) you want to redo between 01 September – 30 November (for first-semester modules) and 01 March – 30 May (for second-semester modules) to psychologyhonours@uj.ac.za

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

All international students need to have their qualifications evaluated by SAQA, before applying to the University of Johannesburg for any of the programs on postgraduate level.  Please go to www.saqa.org.za for more information.

For queries regarding the Psychology Honours programme, kindly email psychologyhonours@uj.ac.za. Alternatively, contact the psychology admin office at (011) 559 3130.



If you are interested in the B(Psych) Psychometry Equivalence Program, please note that it resides in the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management.

Contact information: Agnes Maloka

Telephone: 011 559 1346/ Email: agnesma@uj.ac.za

Industrial Psychology and People Management

Website: https://www.uj.ac.za/faculties/cbe/Industrial-Psychology-and-People-Management

Art Therapy

Website: https://www.uj.ac.za/university-courses/ba-honours-in-art-therapy/

Please note: Education psychology sits with the Education faculty, and art therapy is hosted in the Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture.