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The University of Johannesburg is in the process of establishing a culture of academic innovation at the University. Faculties have been asked to help with engaging staff and postgraduate students to raise the level of innovation. Faculties will provide their staff with information on innovation, interdisciplinary possibilities and intellectual property management practices. They will in essence have to relay the message that some of the knowledge the University creates can and should be protected and tested for commercial viability.

However, how do we define innovation in the Humanities? Below are some example of community engagement projects/ researches that have social impact.

Humanities Creative Reflections Competition

In March 2020 student learning at UJ moved online. The Humanities Teaching and Learning Committee decided to ask the students to reflect on their online learning experience during lockdown by drawing on their creative energies and submitting to a ‘Humanities Creative Reflections Competition’. The following collection is the result of that competition. Creativity is an essential 21st century skill! Congratulations to the students and we hope this will inspire readers to keep on being creative! Humanities T&L Committee

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Focusing on Social, Sexual and Gender-based Violence

Intellect For Purpose Innovation Leads To (c)

Focussing on Community Development and Social Change

Intellect For Purpose Innovation Leads To (b)

Focussing on Epistemology and Philosophy of Science

Intellect For Purpose Innovation Leads To (a)

Leading the conversation around social innovation at South African Universities

Intellect For Purpose Innovation A1 Poster Izindaba Oct 2017