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MA Graduations 2022

Böhmke, H. (Prof A. Desai & Prof T. Uys). Judging Whistleblowers: The Moral Foundations of the Duty of Good Faith in South Africa.

Fikani, N. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof A. Desai). In the Frontline: South African Nurses and the Hidden World of Emotional Labour.

Prinsloo, A. (Prof T. Uys & Prof P. Rugunanan). Educators’ Views of How Virtual Learning Affects Learners’ Socio-Emotional Intelligence: A Sociological Perspective.

Mwanda, A. (Prof Graham & Prof Batisai) Homeless Women’s Experiences of Accessing their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Johannesburg (with distinction)

Sibiya, W. (Dr D. Du Toit & Prof M. Tshoaedi). A Sociological Investigation into the Rise of the Gig Economy and on-demand Service in South Africa: A Case Study on SweepSouth (passed with distinction).

Simelane, T. (Dr D. Du Toit & Prof T. Chagonda). UJ Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Online Learning: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic (passed with distinction).

Sloane, L. (Prof T. Uys & Prof P. Rugunanan). A New Landscape of Listening: The Use of Digital Technologies in Social Impact Assessment and Public Participation Processes.

Smith, B. (Prof T. Uys & Dr M. Suleman). A Sociological Investigation into the Influence of Role-players in Matriculants’ Career Decision-Making in Rural High Schools, KwaZulu-Natal.

Sopitshi, ZN. (Dr D. Du Toit & Dr T. Ngwane). Women and private security: A Sociological Investigation into the Work-Family Demands of Female Security Guards.

MA Graduations 2021

Gininda, M. (Prof T. Chagonda & Prof A. Desai) Exploring the Experiences of Undocumented Zimbabwean Women Migrants who Reside in Johannesburg.

Maggott, T. (Dr T. Ngwane & Dr E. Prah). Feminist Theory in the Politics and Practices of the EFF Student Command: Observations from a member in good standing (passed with distinction).

Makhafola, KP. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof T. Chagonda). Hidden Narratives of Sexual Harassment in South Africa’s Academy: Exploring Women Students’ Experiences at the University of Johannesburg (passed with distinction).

Maluleka, Z. (Prof G. Khunou) The interplay between emotional labour and the work-family balance among nurses in Johannesburg.

Mankgero, M. (Prof M. Tshoaedi & Prof T. Chagonda). Decolonising Post-Apartheid Universities: Examining Curriculum Changes in Sociology Since FeesMustFall (FMF) Student Protests (passed with distinction).

Maoba P. (Prof K. Batisai). Understanding the Practice of Ukuthwala: An Analysis of the Experiences of Women from Mmapeng, Eastern Cape.

Mbeche, C. (Prof C. Runciman & Prof T. Chagonda) A Qualitative Analysis of the ‘Riskscapes’ of Young People in Nairobi, Kenya in an Era of Terror Attacks.

Mdamba, S. (Prof L. Sinwell & Dr T. Ngwane) Public Participation and Social Labour Plans (SLP): The Case of Eyethu Coal in the Ferrobank Community in Emalahleni Local Municipality.

Mokgalabone, T. (Dr D. Du Toit & Prof T. Uys). Bodywork and Waitressing: The Experiences of Waitresses in Johannesburg.

Nenzhelele, C. (Prof G. Khunou) Workplace Bullying: Experiences and Perspectives of Black Women Retail Workers from Johannesburg (passed with distinction).

Ngindana, U. (Dr D. Du Toit & Prof T. Uys). Managing Tipping Practices: It’s Impact on Relationships in Restaurant.

Ngwenya, A. (Prof K. Alexander & Dr H. Brooks) Views of Students at the University of Johannesburg on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (passed with distinction).

Qasim, I. (Prof P. Rugunanan & Prof T. Chagonda). An Analysis of the Role of Culture in the Identity Construction of Migrant Pakistani Women in South Africa. Registered 2019, with distinction.

Van Staden, NL. (Prof I. Palmary & Dr T. Ngwane). Examining the interplay between identity formation and resistance in the Khoisan people of Kimberly.

MA Graduations 2020

Dor, B.L. (Prof C. Runciman & Dr M. Hlatshwayo). Precarious workers and the labour process: A multi-sited case study of management control and worker resistance (2020 Chancellor’s Medal winner).

Fakude, Z. (Dr S. Ngcwangu & Prof M. Tshoaedi). Understanding Hidden Forms of Intellectual Participation: A Study of University of Johannesburg Graduates from Kwa Thema Township in Ekurhuleni.

Kgatla, B.L. (Prof I. Palmary & Dr M. Suleman). How do Black South African Youth Understand and Cope with Depression. MA Dissertation, University of Johannesburg.

Lebelo, M. (Mr A. Kaziboni & Prof T. Uys). The social implications of foster care placement on the well-being of orphaned children in Avon village in Limpopo.

Litha, M. (Dr S. Ngcwangu & Prof A. Desai). The Socio-Economic Impact of Company-Community Conflict on Mining Communities: A Case of Ga-Mashabela, Manyaka Villages in Limpopo.

Maake, TB. (Prof P. Rugunanan & Dr L. Smuts). Homosexuality and Discrimination in The Workplace: A Sociological Exploration of Black Migrant Homosexual Male Mineworkers’ Experiences in a South African Mine (passed with distinction).

Mahlaula, V. (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr L. Smuts). Black African Women Academics at Gauteng Universities: Experiences, Challenges and Aspirations for the Future (passed with distinction).

Mamaleka, M. (Dr S. Ngcwangu & Prof P. Rugunanan). Experiences of Unemployed Black Graduates from the University of Limpopo with their Pathways to Finding Employment.

Maphelela, L. (Prof T. Chagonda & Prof K. Batisai). The Illusion of Social Media?: Exploring the Notion of Instagram Users as Controversial, Trend Setting and Dynamic.

Maphosho, N. (Prof T. Uys & Dr S. Ngcwangu). Black Women’s Involvement in South African New Religious Movements.

Maphotho, K. (Mr A. Kaziboni & Prof T. Uys). The impact of foster care in foster families as perceived by the designated social workers.

Masilela, B. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof K. Naidoo). Black Single Student- Mothers at UJ: Managing the Demands of Studying and Parenting (passed with distinction),

Mohlakoana-Motopi, L. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof T. Uys). Views of Married Men and Women Regarding Socio-Economic Rights and Entitlements in Urban Lesotho (passed with distinction).

Molepo, M. (Dr S. Ngcwangu & Prof M. Tshoaedi). Understanding the Work Life Balance experiences of black women managers in the Department of Labour, Head Office.

Motholo, T. (Dr L. Smuts & Prof K. Batisai) The Impact of Popular Culture on HIV Prevention: The Case of Young People in Kagiso Township, Johannesburg.

Phakedi, M. (Prof M. Tshoaedi & Dr S. Ngcwangu). Exploring Social Biographies of Young Black Men from Soweto Who do not Complete University.

Tuch, L. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof K. Naidoo). Black South African Women’s Experiences of Integrating Modern and Traditional African Medicine in Promoting Reproductive Health (passed with distinction).

Vundla, S. (Prof T. Chagonda & Prof K. Batisai). Challenges Faced by Teenage Refugees Assimilating in a New Country: Experiences from South Africa.

Zikalala, P. (Dr S. Ngcwangu & Dr D. Du Toit). First-Generation Students Entering the Labour Market: Experiences of UJ Bachelor of Social Work Graduates.

MA Graduations 2019

Ajayi, T. (Prof K. Naidoo & Mr M. Suleman). Vulnerability and Resistance: Black Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Spousal Abuse in Johannesburg.

Baijnath, R. (Dr L. Groenewald & Prof A. Desai). Writing Her In: An African Feminist Exploration of the Life History Narratives of Women in the Expanded Public Works Programme in Gauteng, South Africa.

Benjamin, G. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof P. Rugunanan). The Silence of South Africa’s Immigration Policy: Lived Experiences of Zimbabwean Women Accessing Maternal Healthcare.

Chisoro, C. (Prof L. Graham & Prof P. Rugunanan). The impact of youth employability programmes on young graduates in the city of Johannesburg.

Chiwa, WB. (Dr L Groenewald & Prof Gumbo). Public- and Private-Sector Transport Use at Park Station, Johannesburg: Blue- and White-Collar Commuting.

Duze, T. (Prof K. Batisai & Dr Aucamp). Assessing the socio-economic impacts of New England Road Landfill site, KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Fadal, I. 2019 (Prof L. Graham & Mr M. Suleman). Understanding the experiences of individuals with visual impairment within the South African workplace.

Gama, V. (Prof T. Uys & Prof T. Chagonda). Cultural infiltration of the ‘slenderness ideal’: The case of the consumption of second-hand clothing at ‘Bend and Buy’ in Manzini, Swaziland.

Govender, D. (Prof T. Chagonda & Prof A. Desai). Curriculum Decolonisation: The Views of the University of Johannesburg’s Engineering Faculty Academics and Students.

Mafela, N. 2019. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof Gumbo). Unlocking ‘Kasi’ wealth: Transformations through Spatial Planning and Local Economic Development in Soshanguve (passed with distinction).

Mapedzamombe, H. (Prof T. Uys & Mr D. Du Toit). Prepaid electricity meters and public participation: A case of Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Marindi, I. (Dr M. Hlatshwayo & Prof K. Batisai) Gender and the Precariat: A Sociological Study of Female Community Home-based Health Care (CHBHC) Workers in Soweto on their Working Conditions.

Maruping, B.P. (Prof K. Alexander). Justifying value, valuing justice: Pay and strikes in the Rustenburg Platinum Belt, 2012-2014.

Mashatola, S. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof P. Rugunanan). Retrenchment, social capital and life transitions of ex-times media group employees.

Ndaba, T. (Prof A. Desai & Prof L. Sinwell) Sweet Poison: Mine Dumps and Housing Policy in Fleurhof, Johannesburg West.

Ndebele, Z. (Mr D. Du Toit & Prof T. Chagonda). An investigation into the impact of the Zimbabwe Special Permit on migrant Zimbabwean workers’ access to decent work in South Africa.

Pitso, N. (Prof P. Rugunanan & Mr D. Du Toit). A sociological investigation into the experiences of female Basotho and South African domestic workers and their coping strategies in their work environment.

Shoke, B. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof P. Rugunanan) Soweto Residents’ Perceptions on Violence against Black Foreign Spaza Shop Owners in the 2015 Xenophobic Attacks (passed with distinction).

Sibanda, A. (Prof K. Batisai & Dr S. Ngcwangu) Exploring Substance Use Disorder and a Sense of Belonging among Male Youth (20-30 Years): A Case Study of Soshanguve SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) Rehabilitation Centre, Pretoria (passed with distinction).

Ubisi, N (Prof K. Batisai & Ms L. Smuts) The social impacts of the Motheo Infrastructure Development Project on the livelihoods of the community of Palmridge.

Yenou Mouchipku, M.V. (Ms L. Smuts & Dr S. Ngcwangu). The employability of Humanities graduates in South Africa: Perceptions of recruitment agencies.

MA Graduations 2018

Bokolo, S. (Prof P. Rugunanan & Dr Malan). Foreign nationals in South Africa’s informal economic sector: a case of Somali and Ethiopian owned spaza shops in Soweto.

Chiyangwa, B.A. (Prof P. Rugunanan & Prof Gruber). Formative evaluation of Buffelshoek OVC trust educational support programme for migrant children in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga.

Dloto, A. (Dr M. Hlatshwayo & Prof T. Chagonda). The solidarity economy of marginalised communities: A sociological analysis of buying and savings clubs.

Kuhle, T. (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr O. Adeagbo). Perceptions of teenage girls on the quality and impact of sex education in school.

Mdlopane, L. (Dr L. Groenewald). Exploring Adult Men’s Own Constructions of Masculinity and Sexual Health in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

Mhlarhi, O. (Prof T. Uys & Prof A. Senekal) The Social Impact Of Sports As An Intervention In A Special School When Aiming To Modify The Behaviour Of Learners With Behavioural Difficulties.

Mokgele, K.M. (Dr L. Sinwell & Ms L. Smuts). Changing identities and the contemporary student movement at the University of Pretoria.

Moloto, B. (Prof K. Alexander & Dr C. Runciman). Violent democracy, oligarchy and experiences in the Ekurhuleni taxi industry.

Mutsunge, K. (Prof T. Uys & Mr D. Du Toit). An investigation of family responses in the face of Anglo-Platinum strike: A case of Sondela and Seralang, North-West, South Africa.

Ncube, N. (Prof T. Chagonda & Dr M. Hlatshwayo). Perceptions of Nurses of HIV and AIDS occupational policies: A Case study of hospitals in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Roper, N. (Prof T. Uys & Dr L. Groenewald). A Case Study on Leadership Styles and Organisational Goals within the Context of a South African State Owned Enterprise.

MA Graduations 2017

Cohen, D. (Dr L. Groenewald & Dr T. Chagonda). Young Adults Using Mobile Phones: Assessing the Potential for a New Genre of Participatory Local Governance in the City of Johannesburg.

Gabantese, K.A. (Dr B. Dworzanowsi-Venter & Prof T. Uys) Attitudes Of The University Of Botswana Undergraduate Students Towards Legalising Elective Termination Of Pregnancy In Botswana: A Sociological Study.

Mapuranga, V. (Prof K. Naidoo & Mr M. Suleman). The Tokwe-Mukosi dam disaster, forced relocations and effects on livelihoods in Chingwizi, Zimbabwe.

Mqehe, T. (Prof L. Graham). The Reintegration of Women Ex-Offenders into Society: A Qualitative study.

Muchemwa, M. (Prof K. Batisai & Prof P. Rugunanan). Exploring social networks of Zimbabwean migrants in residential choices and integration in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

Mutekwe, P. (Dr L. Sinwell & Prof T. Chagonda). Investigating subterranean forms of workplace resistance: A case study of a platinum mining company in Zimbabwe.

Ngwenya, NL. (Dr L. Groenewald & Ms L. Smuts). Off-campus Accommodation at UJ: Experiences of First-Generation Students from Low-Income Families.

Radulovic, U. (Prof T. Uys & Ms T. de Winter). Academic Dishonesty and Whistleblowing in a Higher Education Institution: A Sociological Analysis.

Schlebusch, N (Prof G. Khunou & Ms L. Smuts). Women on a roll: How members of the c-max roller derby league in Johannesburg, South Africa, construct their gender identity.

Sidmabe, P. (Dr P. Rugunanan & Prof T. Uys). The Impact of Nedbank’s corporate social investment: A case study of the Intsika Skills Beneficiation Project.

Solomons, Z (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr C. Teeger). Every student matters: A sociological study of learners, teachers and academic achievement in a Heidelberg School.

MA Graduations 2016

Chimeri, C. (Prof A. Desai & Prof T. Chagonda). The impact of corporate social responsibility programmes by mining corporations on local communities: A case study of Mbada diamonds company, Chiadzwa, Zimbabwe.

Gumede, Z. (Prof T. Chagonda & Prof de Wet). Issues of weather: A socio-cultural case study of women in the Royal Bafokeng, North West Province, South Africa.

Kaziboni, A (Prof T. Uys & Prof C. van Zyl-Schalekamp). Orphans in Foster Care and the State: A Biopolitical Analysis of the Relationship.

Matenga, L. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof C. Van Zyl Schalekamp). The use and effects of the child support grant on households in Kagiso, Mogale Municipality.

Moagi, B. (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr L. Groenewald). Balancing work and the family: The case of subcontracted female cleaners at a South African university.

Moleko, L.A. (Dr T. Chagonda & Mr D. Du Toit). Mentorship in a post-apartheid South Africa: The case of private sector organisations.

Patsika, T. (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr P. Rugunanan). Soweto campus students’ attitudes towards non-nationals: A sociological study of the University of Johannesburg.

MA Graduations 2015

Manavhela, V. (Prof T. Uys & Prof A. Desai). The impact of eviction on the social capital of the residents of the former Bapsfontein informal settlement.

Matenga, L. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof C. van Zyl-Schalekamp). The effectiveness of the social assistance programme as a poverty-alleviation strategy in Kagiso, Mogale Municipality.

Mathende, T. (Prof C. van Zyl-Schalekamp & Prof T. Chagonda). Perceptions and experiences of the community work programme: A case study of Bramfischerville, City of Johannesburg.

Ndibongo, B. (Prof K. Alexander & Dr L. Sinwell). Women of Marikana: Survival and struggles.

Nyundu, T. (Prof K. Naidoo & Prof K. Alexander). Understanding the place of sangomas in young men’s lives: A sociological study in Chiawelo, Soweto.

Patsika, T. (Prof K. Naidoo & Dr P. Rugunanan). Soweto students’ attitudes towards non-nationals: A sociological study.

Rampedi, M. (Prof K. Alexander & Dr C. Runciman).Youth, political participation and protest: The case of Zamdela.