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Philosophy Graduating Students 2019

Student NameSupervisorsTitle Honours
Dyantji, ZUMs Zinhle MncubeAddressing discrimination on the basis of race
Kum, Donatus TeghaProf Ben SmartEpistemic Trust in Vaccines
Ledwaba, Malesela WilfredProf Ben SmartScepticism around global pandemics and the causes of the aforesaid: A case of the Covid-19 pandemic
Makhubela, NosiphoProf Rafael WinklerDreams and the unconscious in Freud. The research explores the extent to which the study of dreams provides Freud with an insight into the working and structure of the unconscious.
Maqutu, LProf Ben SmartVaccine Hesitancy as a Socio-Political Issue
Marais, KlariseProf Veli MitovaA Defence of Humean Constructivism
Mojela, TDr Asheel SinghAnti-natalism and the good life
Morudi, MDr Asheel SinghWhat is the appropriate punishment for psychopathic murderers?
Motlhatlhedi, BoitumeloMs Devon Bailey & Prof Catherine BothaAfrican Art and the Construction of Ethnic Identities in South Africa
Ngwane, SfundoProf Rafael WinklerHeidegger and Gadamer on hermeneutics. The research explores some of the fundamental concepts of hermeneutics and its transformation in the shift from Heidegger to Gadamer.
Ntsane, MPMs Zinhle MncubeWhether lockdowns satisfy the precautionary principle
Punitharajakurukkal, AProf Rafael WinklerDoes empathy lie at the basis of human interaction between human beings? What are the limits of empathy?
Saul, PTProf Ben Smart & Dr Chad HarrisAn analysis of the potential impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Mental Health in South Africa
Siobo, KhethaniProf Veli MitovaEmotion and rationality
Ukpaka, PUProf Hennie LotterReinvention! The Answer or the Question [On post-truth]
Zwane, GamelihleMs Dimpho Maponya & Prof Catherine BothaThe age of Robotic Ubuntu: The intersectionality of Artificial Intelligence and African Philosophy
Zwane, Lebohang E.Prof Veli MitovaWhat are the central epistemic virtues that should characterize an ideal African Statesperson in the 21st century?
Student NameSupervisorsTitle MA (Coursework, Y1)
Banda, TProf Ben Smart & Dr Chad HarrisCan the traditional African belief in Ancestors be justified?
Chibvongodze, BDr Chad HarrisWhat are the possibilities of having a peaceful co-existence between a successful Decolonisation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the African continent?
De Rijk, SDr Asheel SinghHuman Values: An Obstacle to the Transhumanist Project?
Goeieman, ENMs Devon Bailey & Prof Catherine BothaThe Significance of the Ancestors in African Relational Ontology: A Hermeneutical Analysis of Four Major Theorists
Mabapa, TDr Chad HarrisVaccine Hesitancy in Africa
Molokeloa, TProf Catherine BothaAssessing the Role of the Ancestors in an African Intergenerational Environmental Ethics
Rapule, KProf Veli MitovaEpistemic injustice and language
Terem, EProf Catherine BothaAnalysing Technological Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Making a Case for a Communitarian Approach to 4IR
Vorster, EProf Ben SmartWhether machines can reason counterfactually
Student NameSupervisorsTitle MA (Coursework, Y2)
Dladla, BhekinkosiProf Veli MitovaThe Structural Marginalization of African Philosophers in Academia
Kubeka, NomaswaziProf Veli Mitova & Ms Dimpho MaponyaAfrican Indigenous Languages and Epistemic Oppression in African Philosophy
Lebakeng, Gontse JProf Alex Broadbent & Dr Asheel Singh4IR: a bridge or an even bigger gap?
Mackett, DamonProf Veli MitovaEpistemic Injustice in Data Mining: Contracts 4.0
Malele, NtsumiProf Hennie Lotter‘Black Tax’: Option or Obligation for Young Professionals
Mlungwana, YolandaDr Asheel SinghA Self-realization Theory of Meaning in Life
Mlungwana, YoliswaProf Rafael WinklerThe Origin of Violence
Sekumana, MulaloDr Chad Harris & Ms Dimpho MaponyaFrantz Fanon and Structural Violence: Understanding Gender Based Violence in Post Colonial Societies
Student NameSupervisorsTitle MA Research
Azeez, Abiola JosephProf Rafael Winkler & Prof Catherine BothaPhenomenology and Naturalism
Edout, MRProf Ben SmartAn Assessment of the Medical and Pathogenic Implications of Animal Commercialization, and the Holistic Way Forward
Frenkel, JProf Ben Smart & Prof Catherine BothaPhilosophy of Mind
Harding, TDr Chad HarrisParadoxes at the Limits of Expression
Nkomotje, Ernest KabeloDr Chad HarrisMetaphysics of Causation
Setlaelo, SarahProf Catherine BothaConceptions of Freedom in Contemporary South African Feminisms
Student NameSupervisorsTitle PhD
Akpan, AndrewProf Veli MitovaDecolonising Algorithms
Ani, Amara EstherDr Asheel Singh & Dr Chad HarrisContending with Choice in A Transhumanist Future: Is The Normative Conception of Personhood under Threat?
Bailey, DevonProf Catherine BothaThe Black African Female Dancer: An Investigation of the Somaesthetic and Sarkaesthetic Dimensions of Identity Formation and Representation.
Dladla, MonalisaProf Catherine BothaProvisional Title: On Technological Essence and Eudaimonia: Finding the Best Way to Live with Technology through Heidegger and Aristotle
du Plessis, Jessica (nee Van Jaarsveld)Prof Hennie LotterThe Role of the Environment in Human Flourishing
Dufek, DProf Rafael WinklerTBA
Geyer, WesleyProf Ben SmartAn analysis and redefinition of health concepts: Theories of health as defined though a process of evolution
Henley, MProf Hennie LotterElephants and Ethics
Kachembere, TauraiProf Hennie LotterUbuntu/Hunhu and Justice as Fairness: Towards a Just Society in Zimbabwe.
Madavo, GarikaiProf Hennie LotterDo we have a moral responsibility to trust ex-prisoners?
Maponya, DimphoProf Veli Mitova & Dr Chad HarrisDecolonisation, African Feminism and the Contradiction of African Praxes: Pragmatism as a Mediating Force
Masuleke, ReneilweProf Rafael Winkler & Prof Catherine BothaTBA
Mbozi, Austin MoongaProf Hennie Lotter & Prof Thad MetzConstructing an African Theory of Global Justice
Ncube, LikhwaProf Alex Broadbent & Dr Chad HarrisEvidence based policy in the fourth industrial revolution
Rybko, CaitlinProf Veli MitovaTowards an Epistemology of Google’s Knowledge Graphs
Shabangu, TonyProf Thad MetzThe Implications of Ubuntu for Prison Reform; A close look at relationships and harmony in and out of prison
Terrblanche-Botha, AidaProf Thad MetzRelations between Time Orientation and Social Self-construal: A South African Perspective
Thrupp, CraigProf Ben Smart & Dr Asheel SinghToward a Definition of the ‘Spirit of the Game’: A Philosophical Revaluation of Sport in Light of 4IR
Tobi, AProf Veli MitovaKnowledge in an Online World
van der Merwe, RagnarProf Ben SmartTowards a unified account of Big History, complexity and truth
Weiffenbach, MProf Hennie LotterDisentangling the Problem of Animal and Environmental Justice: Land, Poverty, and Denial


Our postgrads are getting published!!!

2019, 2020, 2021 and Forthcoming

Azeez, Abiola & Adeate, Tosin. 2020. Second-wave AI and Afro-Existential Norms. Filosofia Theoretica.
Maponya, Dimpho Takane. 2021. The African woman’s plight of reproduction: A philosophical analysis of marriage, procreation and womanhood. Taylor & Francis Mlungwana, Yolanda. Forthcoming. An African Approach to the Meaning of Life. South African Journal of Philosophy.
Mlungwana, Yoliswa. Forthcoming. An African Response to Absurdism. South African Journal of Philosophy.
Ncube, Likhwa. Forthcoming. What is the Nature of Medicine? An Attempt to Decolonise the Language of Medicine. HSRC Press.
Segun, Samuel. 2021 From Machine Ethics to Computational Ethics. AI & Society Journal. 36 (1):263-276
Swanepoel, Danielle M. 2020. The possibility of deliberate norm‑adherence in AI. Ethics and Information Technology.
Tobi, Abraham T. 2020 Towards A Plausible Account of Epistemic Decolonisation, Philosophical Papers, 49:2, 253-278, DOI: 10.1080/05568641.2020.1779602
Van Jaarsveldt, Jessica. 2020. Nussbaum’s capability approach and African environmental ethics: is the African voice heard? Oxford Development Studies.
Bailey, Devon. 2020. Self-knowledge through Dance: Considering the Female Break Dancer in South Africa. In African Somaesthetics: Cultures, Feminisms, Politics (Ed.) C. Botha (Brill)
Anderson, Jane. 2019. Damasio’s body-map-based view, Panksepp’s affect-centric view, and the evolutionary advantages of consciousness. South African Journal of Philosophy, 38 (4): 419– 432.
Terblanché-Greeff, Aïda C. 2019. Ubuntu and Environmental Ethics: the West can Learn from Africa when Faced with Climate Change. In African Environmental Ethics: A Critical Reader, ed. Chemhuru, M. Switzerland: Springer.


Our postgrads are getting prizes!!!


Philosophy Honours student Shené de Rijk received the Faculty Prize, an award presented annually to one student in the Faculty of Humanities, as the top achiever at their graduation ceremony.

Philosophy Doctoral student Jessica van Jaarsveld was the 1st Runner-Up at the UJ 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition which requires condensing three-plus years of research into a speech of 180 seconds!

Philosophy Doctoral student and assistant lecturer Dimpho Maponya wins Humanities Most Promising Teacher award