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Media Coverage​

Academic citizenship is a vital part of our Faculty’s public profile.  The academic stature of our staff makes them experts in their fields and they are often cited in news articles or asked for opinion pieces.  Please click on the title to the view full article.


2020 Articles:


Guest Editor Pier Paolo Frassinelli


Crisis? Which Crisis? The Humanities Reloaded

By Pier Paolo Frassinelli


Humanities, Citations and Currency: Hierarchies of Value and Enabled Recolonisation 

Keyan G. Tomaselli



Kind of Blue: Can Communication Research Matter?

By Viola Candice Milton



"Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me": Rethinking the Humanities (in Times of) Crisis

By Jeremy De Chavez & Asha Varadharajan



Crossing Worlds: South–North Collaborations as Creative Encounters with Arts, Humanities and Sciences

by Kim Berman & Michelle LeBaron



Jessica Ramirez Goes to the Johannesburg Solstice Critical Theory Workshop at the Institute of Critical Reasoning

By Melissa Tandiwe Myambo


Alex Broadbent:

·       Audio: Interview with Power FM: lack of evidence for lockdown and importance of considering things besides COVID deaths @Powerfm987

·       Video: Interview with Newzroom Africa: lack of evidence base for lockdown, need for rational framework for decision-making as outlined in our recent report

·       Reading: A Framework for Decisions in a Post-COVID World – South Africa – Report 1.2


Jane Duncan:

·       A podcast with media lawyer Dario Milo and investigative journalist Sam Sole about the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism constitutional challenge to Rica, which is to be decided by the Constitutional Court in the coming weeks:

·       A podcast with Radio Islam International about COVID-19, digital contact tracing in South Africa:

A piece for the Daily Maverick on the need for Denel to shift from weapons manufacturing into socially useful work:

2018 Articles:

Gardee loses his cool after seeing EFF offices: Neo Goba

More than child's play: Mary Metcalfe

Ms Pout makes waves on the radio: Boitumelo Kgobotlo

Zim politiek: Nuwe klanke hou belofte in: Philda Essop

What I got right about Zim's bloody dawn: David Moore

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Julia Ridderhof

When a local gov fails: Ralph Mathekga

Zim poll: ballot papers and new faces galore: David Moore

A good head and a good heart: Lindy Maselo

Land hearings demostrate our tolerance: Raph Mathega

Black egg farmers hatch plan: Bongani Nkosi

Revisiting the role of the news media and journalism in South Africa: Convergence, Fragmentation and Decolonisation: Ylva Rodny Gumede

Dying for land and still overlooked - the other side of the coin: Steven Friedman

With mounting pressure to disinvite Obama to the Mandela lecture: Is the ex-President's honeymoon with Africa over?: Adeyeke Adebajo

Land hearings demonstrate intolerance: Ralph Mathekga

Political Party Funding: Ralph Mathekga

Youth have no united voice: Ralph Mathekga

Forging transparent, caring journalism: Ylva Rodny-Gumede

On the New Labour Bills (a): Carin Ruciman

On the New Labour Bills (b): Carin Ruciman

The Role of Reporting Standardsin producing Robust Literature Reviews: Neal Robert Haddaway

Unpaid labour, #MeToo, and young woman in Global Health: Valerie Kondo

How to hack agriculture: Naude Malan

Presidential term limits: slippery slope back to authoritarianism: Cheryl Hendricks

Understanding the Shia-Sunni divide in Islam: Farid Esack

Beware the surveilliance state: Jane Duncan

Creative ways to deal with red tape at universities: Keyan Tomaseli

A small-brained relative is about to shake up our tree: Marlize Lombard

The intolerable loss of dignity: Rafael Winkler

Izindaba Zokudla: Naude Malan

Crossing a line: Jane Duncan

Humility, gratidue help us remain human: Farid Esack

Chef Schools up for challenge: Naude Malan

Are you woke to 'incel' and other nasty neologisms: Farid Esack

Ancient DNA research makes an important addition to our understanding of human history:  Marlize Lombard

War by other means: Ashwin Desai

Making a mockery of law, leadership: Mzukizi Qobo

Opportunity after exceptionalism: Cheryl Hendricks

Replacing president won't be enough to get the country out of quagmire: Cheryl Hendricks 

SA has lost its shine: Cheryl Hendricks

New free education deal: opportunity or dilemma: Cecilia Lwindi Nedziwe

Taking land by force: Milton B Sibiya

You shouldn't accept poor service: Varoshini Nadesan

Cyril must avoid a Zuma Sona: Mcebisi Ndletyana

New amendments to labour legislation are likely to increase unprotected strikes: Carin Runciman

Op-Ed What Ramaphosa needs to do to fix state spying: Jane Duncan