Research Programmes

Methodological approach (decolonial research): 
  • Unity of theory and practice.
  • Eschew ‘extractive’ research. 
  • Produce socially useful knowledge. 
  • Participatory action research. 

Research methods: 
Surveys, ethnography, participant observation, life histories, documents, etc.

Research themes:
  1. Township, shack settlements and village studies
  2. Land reform and redistribution programme
  3. Labour and social movement studies
  4. Racial and gendered capitalism
  5. Migration and xenophobia
  6. Whistleblowing and state capture 
Research projects (current)
  1. Energy Racism: Electricity Crisis in South Africa  
  2. Labour Tenants' Special Master Land Restitution Programmelabour tenants and special master demand land now.jpg