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Introduction to Bioethics 4.0
Short Learning Programme (SLP)
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg

Technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in matters of healthcare, healthcare 4.0, have
potential to bridge inequalities that hinder the progressive realisations of health in South Africa. When
administered in an ethical manner, healthcare 4.0 can aid locate the poor at the centre of the highest
attainable standard of care and allow them to live a life of dignity. Health care professionals, policy makers
and legislators ought to develop practices, policies and laws that promote public safety and welfare. The
requirement imposes a moral duty to ensure that technologies driving healthcare 4.0 are continually
evaluated for compliance with ethical principles and human values. This SLP seeks to develop student’s
knowledge in fundamental bioethical and associated health law issues, relating to healthcare 4.0. The
insight is crucial in determining the moral foundations to critique healthcare 4.0 with reference to its
ability to benefit, rather than harm those it is meant to serve. Upon completion, students are expected
to reflect on this knowledge and apply it to identify bioethical issues in their respective domains and
design ethical frameworks to mitigate the risks that ensue

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Introduction to Healthcare Technology in 4IR
Short Learning Programme (SLP)
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) represents an era in the manufacturing industry characterised by the increasing automation of medical devices that is driven by the technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet-of-Medical Things (IoMT) and cyber-physical systems (CPS). The adoption of 4IR in the provision of medical care has the potential to improve the quality of human life by creating innovative ways of diagnosing, preventing and curing disease. With 4IR, current health care systems can be reformed to be patient-centred and inclusive, which will extend access to healthcare to a larger section of the community. There is a need for platforms that would introduce personnel to innovations and technologies relating to 4IR and this SLP serves that purpose. The SLP aims to develop students’ knowledge of a spectrum of healthcare innovations and technologies that arise with the increasing automation of medical devices. Such knowledge is important in determining the justifiability of promoting the implementation of 4IR within the South African (SA) setting.

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