To encourage the youth of South Africa to explore and discover Engineering Technology by participating in Science and Technology activities in order to stimulate innovative thinking and creativity to produce solutions to technical challenges.

To promote the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Johannesburg as the preferred institution for engineering studies.


The TechnoLab responds to the UJ Strategic Trusts by promoting and supporting te​chnology, technology transfer, promoting the UJ brand and the institution’s fitness for purpose by:

Exposing young people to a technological environment, knowledge and skills.

Participate in interactive and informative community programmes.

Actively represent UJ and the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment in the surrounding community.


The Faculty of Engineering and the built environment at the University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park Campus, is committed to the awareness and the literacy of Technology for learners of all ages. We strive to provide quality workshops in technology to all potential students, both in schools and older.

The TechnoLab was established in 1995 and has presented technology workshops to over 60 000 students to date. The Technolab’s workshops in technology cover a wide range of courses.

The TechnoLab activities concentrate on the technological process where development takes place from higher cognitive skills, creative thinking skills and problem solving skills.

The TechnoLab activities are aimed at:

  • Making learners more aware of the roles played by technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in the country’s economy;
  • Enhancement of technology education at primary and secondary school levels, tertiary education level as well as workers at all levels in an engineering or technical environment;
  • Facilitation of a range of in-service training programs, with the emphasis on technological competency.

We believe that learning can be achieved by hands-on experience and the guidance of our trained facilitators. In accordance to this believe the various technology workshops are developed to ensure that the students are guided and not taught how the systems work.

Examples used in theory explanations and in construction of models are chosen to ensure that the students will be able to identify with them. We make use of Lego Education and other educational equipment to make the technology learning experience as realistic as possible.

Most workshops provided by the Technolab can/are presented to individuals, school groups, or other institutions. The Technolab facilitators are highly experienced in working with various levels of students. The Technolab facilitators are also trained in presenting the course before they are allowed to lead their own workshop. Even then the Technolab will make sure that at least one experienced facilitator is present to help if there is a need for it.

Robotics at TechnoLab

Learn how to build your own robot and program it.

Please contact Estelle Momberg for more information