1. Construction Students Forum (CSF)

If you are currently enrolled for undergraduate or postgraduate programme, join CSF.
The construction student forum aims to bridge the gap between the construction
education and the construction industry through exposure of the industry.

The objectives of the forum:

  • To expose students to the construction industry
  • Enhance student skill set and encourage entrepreneurship
  • To encourage and promote academic excellence
  • To enlighten the students and the public about the construction industry
  • To fight unemployment through applied education during school years

This student is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department. Membership is renewed annually at a fee. Benefits of being a member:

• Includes Free Participation at all Events
• Discounted rate for Golf T-Shirt purchase
• All Members Get First Preference When it Comes to Limited Spaces at       events
• Site Visits & Industry professional talks
• Access to scholarship and bursary opportunities

To become a member or part of the CSF committee, contact the chairperson email: constructionstudentforum@gmail.com
Find them on IG: uj_constructionstudentforum LinkedIn: UJ Construction Student Forum

2. DoCM&QS Alumni chapter

Alumni association exist to support the university goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the department. If you graduated from one of the programmes offered in the department, join the alumni chapter. Let us foster the culture of togetherness. If you have the following:

• Willingness to work with the University
• Willingness to contribute time
• Enthusiasm
• Ability to motivate and engage alumni
Join the alumni chapter

To become a member or part of the alumni committee.
Contact: Ms Z Matsane email: zmatsane@uj.ac.za