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Student Finance will not be taking Cash or Card payments on any of our campuses. Cash accepting ATM’s is readily available, on all campuses.

Banking Details

Credit Card Payment

A.O.D (Acknowledgement of Debt Application)
Minimum of 50% Deposit payable –

Cash Students
First instalment on University accounts for all students, excluding students whose full fees are paid by sponsors or employers, have to pay the following minimum amounts prior or on the date of academic registration.

· Day students (tuition fees) – All students not residing in the residences – R3 870.00
· Residence students – Only students with acceptance letters from residences – R6 470.00
· Students owing previous fees – Students owing for previous debt will be required to do Acknowledgement of debt and be required to pay 50% of their outstanding fees prior to being allowed to register

Bursary Students
All students whose fees are paid by sponsors/employers will be allowed registration without the first minimum payment. On registration, they must hand in at the Bursaries Department written proof of the bursary awarded for the year of study. Students will not be allowed to register if the previous year’s fees have not been paid in full. –

SRC Trust Fund
· Applications of SRC Trust Fund are done on line.
· Students approved by SRC Trust Fund Will be automatically unblocked if they do not have historical debt.
· Students with historic debt will be required to follow the Acknowledgement of debt process before they are unblocked
· Applications –

International Students
· Asylum, Refugee, and Diplomatic Visa holders Fees are paid as per the guidelines of National students.

Other categories of International students
Without outstanding debt – Will be required to pay 30% of prospective fees before proceeding with registration.

· With Outstanding Debt – Senior students will be required to pay 100% of the outstanding debt plus 30% of prospective fees before they will be allowed to reregister.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS):
We are currently awaiting for the finalisation of NSFAS results. We will send communication to all funded students to proceed with online registration once the list is finalised

· 1st Year NSFAS students will not be required to pay the Minimum Payment
· Senior Students will be required to follow the AOD (Acknowledgement of Debt) process prior to being unblocked to register.

Financial Statements
You can access an e-stamped financial statement via u-Link –

Refund Application
Refunds are currently closed and will open on the 8th of March 2021 –

Contact Details

Meet MoUJi, UJ’s digital assistant at the bottom right of our webpage by clicking on ‘CHAT NOW’. You can ask MoUJi questions related to Student Finance and other administration matters.

For more information please visit the UJ website on