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UJ Honours Degree/Postgraduate Diploma Bursaries

In 2024, UJ is offering an excellent opportunity to candidates in specific departments to complete their Honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma.

Students may apply for a bursary only if accepted or conditionally accepted for an Honours Degree/Postgraduate Diploma in a host department.

Please note that the bursary is strictly for full-time students only, not part-time.

Those applying are accountable for paying their registration fees.

After registration, bursary applications will be processed to confirm applicants’ full-time study enrollment.

Students will receive notification of their bursary application status via email in March 2024.

Please liaise directly with the faculty representative, Mrs. Minette Rademeyer via email at edubursaries@uj.ac.za.

UJ_HonsPGDip_Bursary_Application FORM 2024

UJ Supervisor-Linked Bursaries (SLB)

  • The bursary amount to be allocated to the student account will be based on the faculty’s discretion.
  • Full-time and part-time master’s students in 2024 within two years from the first date of registration may be nominated. If students did not receive the bursary in their first year of study, they may receive it in their second year. However, they cannot be nominated for the third year of study. Similarly, a full-time or part-time doctoral student may be paid only for three years from the first date of registration.
  • Students must declare all other funding that they have been or will be awarded in 2024. If they are receiving funds from internal or external funding sources (excluding the UJ Merit Bursary), their SLB component will be canceled.
  • Students are required to complete the application form together with the SLB Agreement, which indicates the terms and conditions of the bursary. This document must be completed and signed by each student upon submission of the application form. The original SLB agreements must be forwarded to corporate governance in order to meet university regulations.

UJ_Supervisor-Linked_Bursaries(SLB)_Agreement 2024

UJ_Supervisor-Linked_Bursaries(SLB)_ApplicationFORM 2024

UJ_Supervisor-Linked_Bursaries(SLB)_InfoSheet 2024