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University of Helsinki

The main collaboration is with Prof Jari Lavonen and his team from the University of Helsinki. Prof Lavonen is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at UJ, hosted by the chair. The research conducted with the tem from Helsinki focuses on teacher education at university ‘practice schools’ (like the Funda UJabule teaching school on the campus of UJ in Soweto). Recently another area of collaborative research was added: Robotics and coding, including transversal thinking and computational skills.The leader of thei project is Prof Sarita Ramsaroop (Department of Childhood Education).

Prof Pirjo Aunio is a UJ Visiting Professor hosted by the Chair,  and she works with a UJ and a Helsinki team on children’s early mathematics learning.  Dr Kathleen Fonseca (Department of Childhood Education) leads the research and is assisted by Prof Lara Ragpot (previously at UJ and now at Trinity Western University in Canada)

Harvard University

With Prof Catherine Snow (Harvard Graduate School of Education), another Distinguished Visiting Professor hosted by the Chair at UJ, we collaborate on  the burning issue of children’s development of academic language and the skills of initial reading. This work, through the test designed by Visiting Professor Paola Uccelli (Harvard) has been used by the PrimTEd Assessment group as part of the assessment of undergraduate education students in South Africa.

Research Associates

Prof Caroline Fitzpatrick- Sherebrooke University
Prof Mojtaba Soltanlou (University of Surrey)
Dr Hanrie Bezuidenhout
Dr Candida Barreto (Brazil)

Previous collaborators:

Prof Andy Furco, University of Minnesota, USA
Prof Annemarie Fritz-Stratmann from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Dr Petra Langhorst, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Antje Ehlert, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Prof Jyrki Loaima University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof Max Bergman, University of Basel (2009 -2012)