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CERT staff are involved in the formal teaching and supervision activities of the Faculty. CERT designed a Curriculum and Transformation module for the Masters in Education Programme and teach the latter together with a Curriculum Policy Evaluation module for a cohort of postgraduate students every year.

CERT together with members of the Faculty are in the process of designing Masters and Doctoral degree programmes in Critical Education Studies. The programme will focus on forms of domination and oppression in relation to categories such as class, “race” and gender. It will investigate the underlying economic, political, and social factors in an attempt to rethink education and to contribute towards a more equal and just society. The programme will introduce students to theoretical frameworks such as critical pedagogy, critical theory, critical race theory, feminism, queer studies, post-colonialism and critical multiculturalism.

In addition, CERT members regularly give guest lectures in various university programmes and serve as visiting lecturers at local and international universities. The CERT cottage and its resources also provide a welcoming and stimulating space for local and international students and staff.