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Autumn 2024 graduation ceremonies will be held at the UJ Auditorium on the Auckland Park, Kingsway Campus between 14 March 2024 and 31 May 2024.

Autumn Graduation Letters will be emailed to you by 9 February 2024. Please ensure that UJ has your current email address.


All outstanding fees, library fines, or outstanding documents must be submitted by 8 weeks before the season commences. The onus is on graduates with outstanding matters to confirm that payment has been received by Student Finances, to inform the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management of the payment made, or to ensure that your department (contact your course coordinator) has received any outstanding documents.

Should outstanding fees not be settled, you will still be allowed to attend the ceremony, walk across the stage, and take photos; however, your certificate and the academic record will be withheld.

If for whatever reason, you do not qualify for the conferment of the qualification, the University reserves the right to cancel the invitation.


By law, your certificate must reflect your full name exactly as recorded on your identity document or passport. The onus is on you, the graduate, to ensure the accuracy of the information at the Student Biographics Department so that all official documentation reflects the correct information.  Any change in biographical details must be submitted qwll in advance to ensure that graduation certificates are issued with the corrected information.

Only if your details are incorrect, should you complete a change of details form and submit this along with a copy of your identity document or passport to the Biographics Department.

Download the Updated change of details form

(email address: tscmbiographics@uj.ac.za) to process the necessary amendments.

To avoid the costs associated with a reprint due to incorrect details, potential graduates should ensure that their details are correct, timeously, as specified above.


Graduation gown hiring or purchase is for the graduate’s account and no items are funded by UJ. The official Gown Supplier for 2024 is Dippenaar en Reinecke

Download the pricing schedule and purchase or hire form here – Graduation Gown Hire or Purchase Form


While photos are taken of every candidate on stage, the purchase of photos is for the graduate’s account and no items are funded by UJ. The official photographer for 2024 is Gordon Harris Photographic.

Download the forms for ordering photos here.

Order online here – Photos online order form

Download the forms for ordering photos here – Stage Photos download form   Family Photos download form


All graduates will receive one e-ticket, which is valid for the graduate and three guests. The e‑ticket will be sent to you via email a week prior to your respective ceremony. Please forward the e-tickets to your three guests who will be attending the graduation.

Doors to the graduation venue will close 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Graduates and guests must arrive at least an hour before the ceremony and be seated no later than 15 minutes before the ceremony. 

No late graduates or guests will be allowed entry once the doors are closed.


For easy link access, please make use of the platform table.

Document type requiredPlatforms to be usedWhat to do
e-Certificatehttps://digitalcertificates.uj.ac.zaRegister on the bottom of the page and follow instructions.

e-Academic record



For the personalised letterhttps://student.uj.ac.za/status.aspx 


First block – fill in your student number and remember to choose 2023 year.

Also take note when getting to the second block, your email or cell numbers should be the one on the UJ system.

Process for courier collection 


Diploma in Transportation Management | Courier Form 

Diploma in Road Transport Management | Courier Form 

Diploma in Logistics Management | Courier Form 



Graduates who have not attended the graduation in 2024 and requires the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management to courier their certificates to them, please fill in the courier table and return to the email address indicated below.
Graduation Programmehttps://www.uj.ac.za/graduation-programmes/View your name in the Graduation Programme
Live Web streaming 

via UJ web: https://www.uj.ac.za/admission-aid/graduation-alumni/

via YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7APxNmLIVU4I-pjG3QvxQ

Your classmates, family, and friends may view your ceremony from anywhere in the world.