The School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy highly prioritises research in its activities. The School’s contribution to research can be summarised in the following categories:

Individual staff research projects

Details of our individual academic staff publications are available at the end of each of their CVs.

Google Scholar links of academic staff members:

External research projects

In addition to the above internal individual research publications, the School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy and the Centre for Public Management and Governance regularly commissions external research inputs. Any researcher who is not attached to a South African Higher Educational Institution and who is interested in publishing scholarly contributions in accredited peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the fields of Public Governance, Public Administration and Management and Development Administration and Management, may apply to the Director of the Centre to do so under the auspices of the School (Em​ail​:, tel 011 559 2095).

If the Director approves the request and theme of the proposed research publication, such individual will be appointed as a Research Associate in the Centre with access to UJ research resources. He/she will also receive a once-off honorarium to be determined by the Director for every article published.