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ITLS (Africa) at the University of Johannesburg hosts ITLS (Sydney) Director, Professor David Hensher

April 2019

Prof. David Hensher of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies –ITLS (Sydney) visited the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies – ITLS (Africa) in April 2019.  He led a team of senior academic researchers on conceptualizing a research project on user preferences across multi-modal transport modes in the Gauteng Province. ITLS Sydney researchers will work closely with ITLS (Africa) researchers on the roll-out of the project and dissemination of information regarding the project results.

April 2017

Professor David Hensher, Director of ITLS, was invited by the University of Johannesburg to present at a Transport Forum seminar on Toll Roads and attend a meeting of the ITLS (Africa) Board of Advice, of which he is a member. At the Toll Roads seminar Professor Hensher spoke on "The Australian experience with toll roads: Road Pricing - Why might it help and work?" and "Toll Saturation and the Implications for Car Commuting Value of Travel Time Saving (VTTS)?". The other speaker at the seminar was Alex van Niekerk, Manager of Toll and Traffic (Northern Region), South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) who spoke on "The South African policy and experience regarding closed and open road toll systems in the country".

The Transport Forum is one of the most important platforms in South Africa to discuss all issues relating to transport; it provides insight into policy direction and allows business to remain informed on the latest developments within the transport sector. The Transport Forum has a monthly meeting of the thought leaders within the transport sector of South Africa and provides a unique platform for industries to debate matters of relevance and share knowledge and ideas. Each month credible and expert people within the transport sector are invited to speak on transport related themes of national relevance. The Toll Roads seminar which was reported in one of South Africa's national newspapers, Business Day, was hosted by the University of Johannesburg which is the home to ITLS (Africa).

ITLS (Africa) was created within the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management at the University of Johannesburg in response to industry’s need for independent, unbiased, relevant and up-to-date research. In 2007 ITLS (Africa) partnered with the ITLS at the University of Sydney as part of a plan to enhance collaboration between the universities, advance information sharing and dissemination and build research ties. In order to maximize the impact of transport and supply chain research on the South African society and economy,  ITLS (Africa) provides specialist high-level research services for both the private and public sectors, focusing on the most urgent research priorities in the country.