The Department of Industrial Design prides itself on its locally relevant, human-centred, challenge-driven, design research. Much of this research takes place at the nexus of social, ecological and technological systems in the South African context with staff in the Department having research interests which include: design education, sustainability, social-innovation, food-systems change and appropriate technology. Research outputs from the Department have steadily increased since the introduction of the Master’s programme in 2001, these include a range of DoHET accredited conference papers and journal articles, as well as accredited Creative Production. The Department maintains a strategy of working on research publications with postgraduate students, which has resulted in a range of co-authored research outputs that benefit both staff and students since many of our postgraduate students have gone on to academic careers. Much of the Department of Industrial Design’s research forms part of the Design Society Development DESIS Lab which is hosted by the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at UJ. We aim to continue producing relevant and impactful research outputs with the benefit of funded research active staff (NRF & URC)

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